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RG146 Specialist Investment Adviser

Specialist Investment Adviser Course

(This course is no longer being offered in 2021)

Are you interested in working as an Investment Specialist advising clients on achieving investment goals? Then opt for our Specialist Investment Advisor Course.

Our RG146 Specialist Investment Advisor Courses provides students with the specialist knowledge required to offer advice in Investments and compliance for stockbroking with securitiesmanaged investmentsderivatives, risk profile management, asset allocation strategies and portfolio structures.

This course also includes RG146 investment advisor competency in areas also covered by the FNS50615 Diploma of Financial Planning or equivalent. This means that when you are ready to take your career to the next level, you are already halfway there! If you have already completed RG146 training you may only be required to complete one small area of study to attain this certificate. Please contact a member of the education team for further information if you believe this applies to you – or even get in contact if you have any questions about our investment advisor course! Call now on 1300 88 33 46 or alternatively, fill out our online contact form.

This Specialist Adviser Course has TWO modules:

Course name: Distance Education Blended Delivery with Workshop Blended Workshop Duration
Generic Knowledge (GK) $489 *$225 $989 *$450 1 days in class (plus pre study)
Principles of Investment Planning (PIP) $489 *$450 $989 *$899 2 days in class (plus pre study)
FULL RG146 Specialist Investment Advisor $675*call us or click here to find out our latest offer $1,350*call us or click here to find out our latest offer 3 days in class (plus pre study)

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Course Overview

This course is ideal for adults of all ages seeking to enter the Financial Services Industry or for those wanting to enter Investment Banking or the Stockbroking industry.

Entry Requirements There are no entry or eligibility requirements for this course.
Hardware & Software Access to a computer/laptop with internet access and either Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. Microsoft Excel 2003 or later, Microsoft Word 2003 or later. A device capable of recording video (distance students only).
Study Method: Blended Delivery (tutorial workshop & self-paced learning) Blended delivery includes a series of tutorial workshops combined with self-paced study. Our face-to-face workshops create a friendly classroom environment to enable learning in a timely and structured way. The sessions allow students to bounce ideas around with other participants – not to mention the networking opportunities or achievement of corporate team goals. Facilitators are industry professionals with real world experience and take the time to tell their war stories, which help explain the concepts in an exciting way. Please go to the Schedules tab on our website to see when dates are running in your location or contact our office to arrange tailored corporate training.
Study Method: Distance Education Distance or self-paced learning allows you to start a course when it suits you best. Moreover, it provides you with the flexibility to continue with your other commitments in life, such as work, parenthood and your social life. BEST OF ALL, it gives you access to our Distance Education Team who can discuss concepts, conduct skill-based role plays and provide feedback on any assessments submitted.
Course Duration The duration of the course will vary depending on each individual student and their prior experience and knowledge. 467 hours over a maximum of 8 months is the recommended timeframe for students new to the industry.
Assessments True / False Questions (TF), Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ), Short Answer Questions (SAQ), Case study and role-play. For more information on assessment process, click here
Exemptions and Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) If you have completed previous studies in the financial services area, you may be eligible for some credits towards the course by way of course exemptions. For more information on course exemptions and recognition of prior learning, click here
Qualification Pathway This course has national recognition. This course counts as a partial completion towards the FNS50615 Diploma of Financial Planning
Related Courses FNS50615 Diploma of Financial Planning
FNS60415 Advanced Diploma of Financial Planning

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Units of Competency

The RG146 Specialist Investment Advisor course encompasses the following units of competency:

Core Competency Units
FNSIAD301 – Provide general advice on financial products

Pre-Requisite Units
FNSFMK502 – Analyse financial market products for client
FNSFMK503 – Advise clients on financial risk
FNSINC501 – Conduct product research to support recommendations
FNSIAD501 – Provide appropriate services, advice and products to clients
FNSCUS505 – Determine client requirements and expectations
FNSCUS506 – Record and implement client instructions

Elective Units
FNSASICT503 – Provide advice in Managed Investments
FNSASICW503 – Provide advice in Securities
FNSASICV503 – Provide advice in Derivatives

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IIT provides face-to-face tutorial training workshops as well as distance education to aid students in their efforts to obtain a qualification. Pre-reading and study are required before participants can attend these workshops. The workshop time frame does not signify the total duration of course hours and assessment time.