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Certificate IV in Finance and Mortgage Broking – Testimonials

DEEPAK RAGHVANI Fast paced learning and opportunity to share ideas and discuss queries to student satisfaction.

FNS40821 Certificate IV in Finance and Mortgage Broking // Online

JEAN-PIERRE ALOUAN I found this course challenging and thought provoking. It was very informative and satisfying. I am glad that I was involved. I thank the team at IIT for all the excellent support for this satisfying experience..
MANDEEP JHA Thanks for helping me get my certificate. Huge thanks to Ann.
CHETEN BALI I Liked the role Play assessments
Liren Morris I chose IIT for my Cert IV course and I am so happy that I did!
The communication with the office and instructor was so easy and quick. I have received answers to my questions within hours (sometimes even instantly).They are genuinely nice and easy to work with.
The course itself was easy to follow, at my own pace and fun!
I am looking forward to completing my diploma with IIT next!
HUSSIEN BALLOUK I loved being park of IIT. Every time I submitted an assignment, their response was extremely fast. I’m satisfied with their services and would recommend this Institute to everyone in this field.
NEERAJ BANSAL Course is very up-to-date and provided me the knowledge about the Mortgage industry and Mortgage process.
ROBERT BEAVIS I have no hesitation in recommending IIT. Extremely happy with the level of education I received. The Distance Education Team gave excellent support throughout the process.
MUYY CHAING The course was a mix of multiple choice, short answer, and case studies. The case studies made me do my own research and really apply knowledge learned. The case studies were good topics and situations that made up try to understand and apply knowledge learned, and gave an indication of what knowledge was required. Overall, the staff were helpful when I called/emailed to clarify the questions in the answer booklet. And it was enjoyable learning experience and the case studies created challenge and interest.
ALEXANDER CHEUNG The trainer knew how to keep everyone engaged in the course and made it very interesting for everyone.
HOWARD CHEONG The course is very educational and takes you through the learning process in both theories and compliance.
JIAQI CHENG I have learned a lot from the course, thank you for all the support. It is definitely worth recommending to others!
CHRIS COLLIER Great experience, training was made interesting and group discussion helped to get other perspectives – highly recommended.
LYNNE COX I contacted IIT in order to add Principles of SMSF to my Offerings. I did the course via Distance Education. I was skeptical about completing the course this way, however I was pleasantly surprised that the work booklet was beautifully written and extremely clear. I had NO problems understanding what was required. My final test, the Role Play, went smoothly and I was impressed with the service I received. I highly recommend distance education for anyone who cannot complete face to face education.
TY CRONAN A very good course.
MOSTAFA DAHER (SEAN) The course armed me with the best knowledge and confidence to meet people and do the job well. Good information on first home buyers grant and how it works with examples.
REINITA DE GRANO Thank you very much IIT for helping me finish the Finance & Mortgage Broking course. I hope to get my Certificate IV soon. Your staff have been so helpful and friendly and I didn’t have any issues with your website. The course was available 24/7 and the distance education was quite handy. All the best!
DAMIAN DUNNELL Great course, I learned a lot. I have already recommended IIT to a few of my colleagues.
ANDREW EL-ZAKHEM Great experience, loved the practical aspect and online systems very user friendly.
NATALIE FARRANT This course was great. The information was current and had scenarios and examples that apply to everyday life as a mortgage broker. I would definitely recommend!
KATALIN FERGUSON Looking forward to completing my further education with you. Very satisfied altogether. Thank you.
ANABELA FIGUEIREDO I thoroughly enjoyed doing this course via distance learning. I received course books very quickly and they were easy to follow and work through at my own pace. Email support was always very quick, usually within minutes. Role play was a bit nerve wreaking the first time but the facilitator made me fell at ease. I would recommend using IIT.
MARIA FLEMING The Course gives a good overview of the fundamentals of Mortgage Broking and encourages the student to seek and analyse current market information to apply to the case studies.
DAVID FORD Always easy to work and achieve results with IIT.
DEBRA FRANCESE The facilitator for role play was excellent informative and clear and concise to what was required. She put me at ease and was easy to liaise with and provided great feedback.
JOHN GALSTAUN The course was very informative for me, while I have 22 years of brokering experience the updates to legislation’s and regulations were a great help to me, I was happy to know that most of my practice was already within the spirit of the legislation’s and regulations. For me, I found the course easy to understand, it made easy reading and absorbing the substance. Though I will stress the fact as well as the course is designed, it is necessary for a perspective student to actually apply themselves to the study as one would do with interest such that they may nourish themselves with the knowledge they are in pursuit of. While the course is a good guide one needs to understand when studying legislation and regulations these are items that are subject to interpretation given that being the case it is necessary to do research and additional reading, which I did and achieved the benefits for doing so. I must say though, although I did the required research, the course material was always my platform and the course material did provide me the direction for the research I did. I had good support from the facilitator and the administrative staff. Overall I had a great learning experience.
JANICE GREY Course flowed smoothly and was easy to understand. It tested your knowledge throughout to ensure you have a good understanding of course content.
DANIEL GRIFFIN Always answered my questions in a thorough and timely manner, no complaints what so ever. Would recommend.
TRACIE HANNA Thank you IIT for all your help. Becoming ill through a course can really have problems.
HITESH NANJI HALAI Great staff and training support. Made complex things easy to understand and implement at the ground level. Big Thank You to IIT.
PETER KOUKOULIS Thank you for an enjoyable, engaging and thorough learning experience. Will be back soon!
AMMAR KHAN The course is well set out and easy to follow. It was easy to break up into workable sessions. The style of questions made me review key topics, thereby helping me remember. There was no excessive reading. Relevant points were easy to find and understand.
PAULINE KHOO The course book materials are very detailed. IIT also encourages students to think about the box as some of the assessment questions in the course book requiring students to do research from external resources such as a reference book or the internet. Of course the Distance Education option allows a busy person like myself to study at my own pace.
SONIA A Thanks for the wonderful course. Thanks to Ann for all her support throughout the course.
HUNGFONG LAM Highly useful course. Good material and feedback. Highly recommended.
PETER LANDERS I found the whole process through distance education to be very efficient. The course material was easy to understand and the questions on each chapter were very useful in strengthening the knowledge base. The role play was thorough and personable, thereby negating any uneasiness in carrying out the role plays. Highly recommended!
JENNIFER LI I think the course is excellent. I would not hesitate to recommend this to my friends in the industry. Thank you very much for your support.
QUIAN LI I am a distance student. I can get the learning material online and use my own time to learn the knowledge. Also the text book is very clear to show the knowledge which is quite useful in my work.I am very happy with the training. All the staff and trainers are very kind and helpful.
Meenu The Flexibility of distant learning and prompt support from the staff has been amazing. IIT listened to my challenges and helped me overcome it. I think the mix of theory and practical aspects are great balance for learning. Thank you IIT, it has been an amazing experience to learn with your team.
Ruban I would recommend IIT to anyone, as it is very flexible and the course material provided for the course is relevant.
Swati Rana Seamless and detailed.
YIHONG LIANG Flexible and enough learning time to prepare the answers.
KEVIN LIM After the completion of my course I feel I have developed my skills and knowledge in Finance and Mortgage Broking. The training focused on relevant skills and had a good mix of theory and practice. The training organisation used up-to-date equipment, facilities and material. Overall I am satisfied with the training and I would recommend the IIT training organisation to others.
XIAOFENG LIU We can easily access the materials and resources through elearning.
And if we need assistance, trainers are always there to help us, and they respond to our emails promptly.
PAMELA LITTLE Thanks to Ann, you’re always incredibly quick to respond.
BRENT LONG Support was second to none. Distance Education team helped me every step of the way. The course itself was very informative and I learnt a lot.
REX MCKAY Great experience and learnt a lot. Staff were very helpful which was reassuring, as I was completing the course remotely.
GLADYS MCKENZIE I found the course to be very informative and quite easy to understand. When I asked a question the reply was responded to in a quick turnaround. I was made at ease by Naomi, whose encouragement was fantastic and her response at the end of the role play added to my confidence. Overall experience = GREAT!
DAVID MEGA The material in Finance Broking in Practice was comprehensive and well structured. I found the material was easy to follow and understand, broadening my understanding of the industry, it’s processes and procedures.
MARIJA MLADEUOVIC I found this course very interesting and helpful. The work booklet was written nicely and clear. Final test went well with helpful service received from your staff. Looking forward to submit my work for DFMBM.
ANA MISIPATI Distance Support Team were very efficient and supportive with their service in every enquiry I needed help with. Congratulations and all credit to you all. Well done.
RICK MOFFITT Excellent Course – Very relevant, up to date theory, good use of examples, good method of delivery.Will definitely recommend to others.
MICHAEL MUI It was a good course and great help from teachers.
GRANT NEWELL A great way to obtain further education at your own pace, while still being able to work and provide for my family, would highly recommend!
Rubin N I would recommend IIT to anyone, as it is very flexible and the metrics provided for the course are relevant.
SRIKAR PALAKANI Very well designed course to assist students who would like to start career in finance industry. I just loved the whole course, staff assistance and trainers support
NANCY REMKES Thanks for making my learning experience enjoyable and accessible. I would certainly recommend IIT to others looking to train up online.
KATE RITCHIE Natasha from Assessments Team was very professional during my final assessment.
DANNY SALEVSKI Support from the teacher who gave me helpful feedback on how I was going. I never felt pressured and was given enough time to understand the things I was learning.
SEAN SAUNDERS I studied via e-learning. The training packages were easy to follow and any assistance required IIT trainers promptly assisted and provided great feedback.
JO SCERRI I had the pleasure of attending an IIT workshop in Queensland with. I found the tuition not only relevant but enjoyable. I found this course not only informative, instructional and equipping, but it was presented in a way so palatable as to make it enjoyable. I wholeheartedly comment this wonderful team of instructors and trainers to anyone wanting to gain their financial planning qualifications.
ABISHEK SENGUPTA The role play was very useful. What I liked most was the tips given on how I could improve myself and areas I needed to work on.
AMARDEEP SINGH Trainer, study material and most importantly the atmosphere to study were the best aspects of training. Practical role play was a great help to understand and underline qualities and corrections required to be a successful mortgage broker.
ARJUN SHANKER The people at IIT are fantastic. They are helpful and go above and beyond the expectations for the students.
SIYUN SHEN It’s very practical and the knowledge is useful in the real world.
KIT SPANO The trainer was fantastic. He anticipated the group well, instigated good discussion that enriched the learning. Very enjoyable – very encouraging as I found it harder to get through distance and when in the group/workshop environment with the trainer. I really powered through it and that encouraged me to enrol in the Diploma.
MARGARET SMITH Overall I found the learning resources very clear and wells set out. When you needed information the staff were always there to assist you. A pleasant experience.
MARK NOVOSEL An easy to understand and follow online self paced course. Assessments were marked promptly and it allowed me to learn at my own pace. Training was straightforward and staff always very quick to respond to any questions. Overall a great experience.
GIM LIN TAN I appreciate the flexibility provided by this distance education method of gaining my qualification. It has given me the chance to begin a career in Finance and Mortgage Broking while supporting my family, without affecting other commitments.
PETER TAYLOR I was referred to the International Institute of Technology by a work colleague who had completed a course. His experience had been very satisfactory. I am pleased to report that all my dealings with the staff in providing advice, course details and material has been first class. The overall service by staff has been very pleasant and always positive and detailed. I would not hesitate to recommend your organisation to others.
ANITHA VARGHESE I enjoyed every bit of my time in IIT & distance education is a great option if you are tied up lot other things. The facilitator is an excellent teacher.
YIMENG WEI I learned more from IIT training about the mortgage broker’s role and responsibility. Also I understand how to work with the clients. This training will be very useful for furthering my mortgage industry work. I would like to introduce this training company to my other friends who want to become a mortgage broker.
JEFF WILES IIT is a Professional organisation that accommodates students needs. They are happy to explain and provide necessary support.
STEVE WILLIAMSON The training material and assessments were set out in a clear, easy to understand method. I appreciated that the course could be completed as quickly as possible. I would recommend IIT to somebody who was looking to get into Mortgage Broking.
DANIELLE WOLFORD I’ve done both workshop and distance education and I found a greater value with the workshop style, since we can exchange ideas and experiences with other businesses to me is priceless.
XIAO HONG WU It is a great course. Good course material and support documents. Good course structure and easy to follow. I learnt a lot from the course and became knowledgeable about the Mortgage Broking industry. Thank you very much.
SHIRLEY YAP The best aspects of the course were that I was able to complete the course at own pace without having to attend classes
QIAN ZHANG The course is efficient and helpful. Their stuff is professional and friendly. I would highly recommend this course to my friends who need. Excellent! By the way, their feedback is very fast.
ZIHUA ZHANG I like the distant education system, all the material is easy to access.

FNS40815 Certificate IV in Finance and Mortgage Broking // WORKSHOP

MITRI BOSHEH The trainee made the course enjoyable and made us understand all aspects. It was great to have access to him after the course by phone and email. I recommend this course for everyone if they are interested in this field of study.
BEN CUTHBERTSON Completely enjoyed the course. The lectures went above and beyond to respond and train where necessary.
ANDREW DOLLING A very good course with a surprising amount of material covered. There was plenty of opportunities to ask questions and to build knowledge as well as gain a qualification.
DAVID HANCHARD Great teacher with a strong passion for learning, with lots of experience, good communication skills & knowledge about the subject in question. Also he was able to keep the students motivated & engaged. Very helpful & willing to go above & beyond when need be.
PAUL HANNA I would recommend IIT to anyone looking for a good sound base of training to develop their knowledge and career. The facilitator blends the delivery with technical and descriptive examples.
JAI FIELD BEST ASPECTS-Overall the IIT experience exceeded my expectations. The trainer had very positive energy and supplied information in a simple and strategic way in order to absorb it instantly.
ANTON FERNANDO BEST ASPECTS-Interact with the trainer and other participants to share knowledge, opinions and experiences relates to the mortgage industry.
CLARE KATAVITCH I’ll only train with IIT, that is, for myself and my staff. They genuinely wish their students to gain the necessary understanding and skills required and go over and above to ensure we always enjoy the learning experience.
BERNARD KELLY I found the course very informative and highly relevant. The delivery was professional which encouraged good debate. The relevant issues have been well addressed in a serious business and professional environment. The facilitator was well understood and the course delivery allowed me to absorb all detail. Highly recommended.
VINOD KUMAR The facilitator was full of knowledge of the Mortgage Industry and I have learnt a lot in this workshop.
JONATHAN KUTSMEDA I had a positive experience with this distance learning program. The flexibility of learning at my own pace and having trainers available to help move things along when I was unsure about what steps were next in the training process.
ANG KAMI LAMA The overall workshop was very helpful for the student to complete assessment without having to be stuck on one question. Teacher was friendly and came from a professional broking background which provided with real life examples to explain chapter contents.
LIE (ALEX) LIN The course is excellent and the trainer is friendly and helpful. I will definitely recommend my friends or people who is interesting in studying such subjects.
ANTHONY LORD Best training I have received. Facilitator was absolutely fantastic!
MADHUSUDAN It was wonderful experience to get trained by IIT. IIT Team was very professional and supported me throughout my learning process from enrollment to delivering my certificate.
My sincere thanks for making it so simple learning experience.
KIRSTY MCCLORY The flexibility. I had a difficult personal life during the course of my training and IIT were understanding of this and helped me to extend my end date as required to ensure I could complete my studies successfully.
CHELSEA MITCHELSON Great training and great content.
THOMAS NEWTON Facilitator/teacher James was extremely knowledgeable and experienced in financial planning. A tremendous help to fulfil the course.
ROBERT NELSON I booked the course about 6 weeks early, which gave me plenty of time to read the book and answer all the questions and case studies. I found this much better than others that only had the book a few days. I then attended the workshop and we skimmed over the book and I reviewed my answers before submitting them to the facilitator who promptly marked them, which allowed me time to correct and resubmit. Responses from IIT was quick and not confusing. I found it a very easy process and the learning was good. Thanks IIT.
SUZANNA PETRICHTEHEVA Great workshop! The facilitator did a fantastic job in keeping this course interesting and he was always there to help myself and others. I highly recommend this course to anyone!
SYED M RAAMAN Great within this time constraint.
STUART ROWLAND After making the decision to change my career path from sales to finance, IIT was the ideal way for me to acquire a national recognized qualification and obtain the knowledge i needed to succeed! Thanks IIT!
ROBERT SIE Teaching way of the facilitator and knowledge he had about the industry. The explanation with the examples he gave that was the best.I think it was in perfect order according to industry needs nothing’s needs to be changed.
GURWINDER SINGH My trainer explained everything in the easiest possible way. Before attending the workshop training i had once thought of going for distant learning but now I feel I made the right choice of going to workshop. I don’t find anything to be improved as I found it completely helpful to me with the trainer and the resources were also very helpful.
KAWALDEEP SINGH My trainer explained everything in the easiest possible way. Before attending the workshop training i had once thought of going for distant learning but now I feel I made the right choice of going to workshop. I don’t find anything to be improved as I found it completely helpful to me with the trainer and the resources were also very helpful.
SUKHJINDER PAL SINGH IIT made the course very interactive and enjoyable. The trainer had very up to date information about the industry. He encouraged the participants to set higher ethical standards. I will suggest that anyone interested in pursuing a career in mortgage brokering to do the course through IIT.
FATIMA RAHEMI Every day of studying with IIT was so amazing. Thanks
JACOB STEELMAN This is a great course which provides practical training and education to allow you to start work following completion of the course. I would recommend this course and IIT. They are relevant and up to date.
NATHAN VIVEK Thank you for IIT team’s help to complete the course.
ANDREA WEBB I loved the face to face contact, working in a team environment to help each other and learn from each other.
The teacher was brilliant at his job and not boring and very thorough.
SIYUAN ZHU It is a wonderful platform for me to study.