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Australian Taxation Law For Tax Agents

Australian Taxation Law For Tax Agents *To meet Tax Practitioner Board requirements.
**Approved by the Tax Practitioner Board-TPB for Advanced Australian Taxation Law and TASA 

International Institute of Technology’s nationally recognised Australian Taxation Law For Tax Agents. Our Australian Taxation Law For Tax Agents qualification will teach you aspects of Australian Taxation Law required for the Tax Practitioner Board eligibility requirements.

IIT’s facilitators take great pride in their training expertise for the Australian Taxation Law For Tax Agents course. As industry professionals themselves, there is no better team to get your knowledge from. They fully understand what it takes to be successful in the financial world, and are ready and willing to teach you how you can reach the level of success that you want.

Our Australian Taxation Law For Tax Agents course is offered by flexible delivery anywhere in the world via distance education/Online! Fill out our simple online form, and you’ll be on your way to a sustainable career with IIT’s Australian Taxation Law For Tax Agents!

Comprised of 1 unit of competency
*This units meets the partial educational requirements of the Tax Practitioner Board (TPB) for Tax Agent compliance.
(Pre requisite FNSACC522 Introductory Australian Taxation Law)

*We encourage you to  purchase the current edition of the Australian Master Tax Guide  as additional resource support for the course work

FNSACC603 – Implement tax plans and evaluate tax obligations
This unit covers the skills and knowledge required to assess taxation liabilities, optimise tax positions, establish processes and plans, evaluate tax policies and review tax compliance for legal entities.

Course name: Distance Education/Online
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Course Overview

This course is ideal for adults of all ages seeking to partially meet the Tax Practitioner Board requirements for Tax Agent registration.

Entry Requirements FNSACC522 or equivalent. IIT do not offer this unit
Study Method: Distance Education Distance or self-paced learning allows you to start a course when it suits you best. Moreover, it provides you with the flexibility to continue with your other commitments in life, such as work, parenthood and your social life. BEST OF ALL, it gives you access to our Distance Education Team who can discuss concepts and provide feedback on any assessments submitted.
Course Duration The duration of the course timeframe will vary depending on each individual student and their prior experience and knowledge. 60 hours and a maximum of 4 months is the recommended timeframe for students new to the industry.
Assessments Short Answer Questions (SAQ), Case study, assignments, supervised closed Book Exam and oral assessment. For more information on our assessment process, click here
Exemptions and Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) If you have completed previous studies in the financial services area, you may be eligible for some credits towards the course by way of course exemptions. For more information on course exemptions and recognition of prior learning, click here
Qualification Pathway Any course offered by IIT has a pathway leading to higher, nationally recognised qualifications specifically designed for the Financial Services Industry.
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Units of Competency

The International Institute of Technology’s Australian Taxation Law For Tax Agents  encompasses the following competency units: **(Approved by the the Tax Practitioner Board- TPB for the Advanced Australian Taxation Law unit and TASA)

FNSACC603 Implement Tax Plans And Evaluate Tax Obligations (includes TASA)