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Diploma of Finance and Mortgage Broking Management – Testimonials

UMESH NAYAKI can see it’s one of the best institutes to communicate in right time. Not even single miss or delay in response. Keep up the good work.

 Diploma of Finance and Mortgage Broking Management // DISTANCE/ONLINE

SAYMA AHMED Happy with how the team and the course instructor helped through out the course.
ARKIN ARDIL Overall very satisfied.
MATTHEW STEPHENSON Thanks to IIT for making my course so clear and simple to complete. Great value as well, so would definitely recommend them in future.
MATHEW WALTERS As with every qualification I have studied via IIT, I found the study to be at a challenging level and appropriately equipped me for future roles within financial services. Feedback also helped me to understand how I was tracking throughout the course.
ALLAN JAMES BULLOCK Both courses were great-the Certificate and Diploma and I learned a great deal even after working in the industry at the time.
B GHIMIRE Thank you for providing me opportunity to get qualified. I did my Cert 4 from here as well and now working as a successful mortgage broker. The knowledge I have gained in diploma will make me even better mortgage broker.
EVAN AUGUST Perfect! I absolutely loved the process and learning. would highly recommend!
NEERAJ BANSAL The overall training and course was really good and very informative. Study material was up-to-date and very brief and easy to understand. I would like to thank all staff and teachers and trainers for all the efforts and help during the course.
RAFAEL D Was a great online portal, with 24/7 access. This made it extremely workable for me as I could work on studies in between clients as an asset finance broker.
PRINCE KOCHHAR Highly recommended course and IIT education. Amazing experience right from the very beginning from enrolment to course content, assistance throughout and finalising the course.
KELUM PANDITHARATHNE Best educational Institute to introduce who wish to study distance education.
MAHESH PERUMAL It was a great learning experience from IIT. I will always consider them to upskill in my career.
ADAM BARKLAY Very thorough course. Recommended.
EVAN AUGUST Perfect! I absolutely loved the process and learning. would highly recommend!
PRAFUL DESAI I enjoyed doing this course with IIT. IIT has designed the course with lots of thinking and well balanced with theory and practical knowledge. The best part is they responded with evaluation in one week time, which was excellent and allowed me to finish course in record time.
JAMES DAVIS This was a great course for someone who needs to be able to quickly push through a qualification by being able to demonstrate their knowledge rather than many courses which need someone to ‘work through learning’. Excellent option for those who have the knowledge and need to be able to complete the assesments.
REBEKAH Really enjoyed my study with the IIT. Everyone was really helpful when I needed it and the course content was AMAZING!!.
MARK NOVOSEL Thank you.It’s good to have the course completed and now I can focus on implementing all I’ve learned 🙂
SAKAR SHRESTHA Enjoyed the course, knowledgeable/organised trainer on the subjects and made me feel very enjoyable and practical. I would recommend everyone to come on board.
STUART PORTEOUS Very happy with the course. Everything was explained and laid out in an easy to understand way. A vast amount of supporting documentation and study aides made concepts easier to grasp.
SIMONE RATI Highly recommend.
JEFF TAO Everything runs good. Will recommend more staff to study with your party.
PRISCILLA CARLTON Was very pleased with how helpful the facilitator I had was she explained everything very clear and made me feel comfortable overall very happy, thank you.
ADAM BEETHAM IIT were a pleasure to learn through. I had limited availability with work commitments. But their distance education offered detailed and thorough course material, allowing me to learn at my own pace. In addition to a great learning experience, I found the customer service IIT offered was refreshing and made the process very simple.
WESLEY DOUGLAS Excellent service, 100% recommended.
SANTOSH ACHARYA Fantastic experience. Got traineeship opportunities with the Cert IV and expanding myself after my Diploma.
LOREEN DYER I am very proud to have qualified through ITT. Their service and responses were very prompt and helpful all the time. Never did I have to wait more than 24 hours for a response to my queries, be it technical support or learning. I am very happy and will be happy to come back for further studies or recommend my friends and relatives to study through IIT. Thank you team!
PRIYANK DUBEY Great Course, Good Service..
JOSEPH MEAWAD Great experience.
MANVIR SINGH The course material was excellent. The case studies were very relevant and in depth. It certainly helped me brush up my knowledge and existing skills.
BRIJESH SHA Thank you for the great course.
FERRY SUNTARA I gain a lot knowledge from this course. Online tutorials are very helpful.
Ahmad El-Khodr I had a great time. Thanks to IIT for being supportive to me. Thanks.
NATALIE FARRANT This course provided great information and experience to prepare for everyday life as a Finance and Mortgage broker. I would definitely recommend!
ANABELA FIGUEIREDO Positive experience with IIT which exceeded my expectations. Useful feedback provided by trainers enhanced my learning experience.
DYLAN PAPPALARDO The markers were very quick, honest and supportive. Very well designed course and would recommend to anyone looking at getting into the industry. Self paced was fantastic.
KRISTINE PARKINSON I enjoyed completing the course and found the lecturer had great knowledge of the content.
NOELLE JAMES Wonderful friendly and helpful team. Thank you for all your assistance
LAP HANG IP Appreciate for all staff, assessor great comments and quick response during the whole training.
YUT LEE All good
VISHAL SHARMA Very detailed subject material. Staff is very cooperative, prompt and approachable. I thoroughly enjoyed my learning experience with IIT.
ARSANI ADEL ZAKI ISHAK The training was really practical preparing for the job market and the distance team are really helpful.
RAJNI KAUSHIK Thank you for the wonderful experience, it was easy and informative.
HARDEEP SINGH MANN I liked studying at IIT Melbourne, it is most suitable for quality distance learning and pacing yourself according to time available.
JACK MCGINN I will continue to recommend IIT after completing two Diplomas and a Cert IV with them. Amazing support and passionate educators.
GURVINDER SINGH Excellent tutors and institute.
RUZA MICEVSKA The biggest benefit of the course for me, personally, was that it provided me a journey in new areas of Finance and Mortgage Broking Management. The course was an excellent learning experience, and the lessons taken from the course provided me new horizons in Business Finances and diversity of the Finance Industry. So, it helped me gain a new knowledge and skills in new fields of Finance Management and their struggles in helping and supporting business. Most importantly, the course helped me to become more comfortable and confident in Finance and Mortgage Broking Management and allowed me to learn how to help others in their endeavours.
MALA MIRTI I recommended IIT to 3 of my friends. I always enjoyed learning from the institute. Trainers and Support team have been extremely professional, friendly and helpful.
ALEXANDER STUART ROBERTSON Great place to study and get qualified.
ROHIT PAL SAINI Excellent Course to gain knowledge.
DANNY SALESVSKI IIT is such a professional and supportive firm.Cannot speak highly enough.Thankyou.
JASBIR SINGH very good.
INTI MEDINA RUIZ Great course!! Thanks.
MIKE PETER BUTLER An excellent course that I enjoyed and learnt a lot.
NICHOLAS ALCOCK I was very pleased with the course layout and content. Assessments were quickly marked. The advice was quick and comprehensive when requested for clarification. On the final role-play assessment, the assessor was thorough but great and helped guide me through the task. I would use them again with no hesitation.
JOHN TEGGELOVE Thank you. I learnt so much from this course and feel I am well prepared for the future.
VIKRAM SHAH Good course to do for my business. Thank you. Very timely response for all queries that I had raised.
CHEN SONG Good Place to learn what you need.
Alexandre Lam Shin Cheung Its my second course with IIT and very happy.
VAN TRINH I found that the course is very helpful for my current job. The Distance Education Team was terrific.
DAKAI YU Excellent value.
GANG WU Very good training, flexible, recommend.

Diploma of Finance and Mortgage Broking Management // BLENDED

ROBERT ARUMAIDURAI It was fantastic doing course with IIT.
They were very supporting and helpful when needed help. The trainers were great. Helped to understand my studies better. I cannot ask for more. Hope to do more courses in the future with IIT.
REBECCA BAKER Was a great course.
GUANQUN CHEN Everything is perfect from the workshop, it is definitely worth attending.
DIMUTHU DEWAPURA Highly recommended to anyone to improve their qualification or skill level.
AYLMER JOHN ELDRINA Excellent course materials and online student resource. Thank you!
JOHN GALSTAUN It is my second course with IIT and on both occasions I have found the course very enjoyable and fruitful.
Janelene Fortuna A I would like to thank the support staff and the assessor for their patience and tolerance during the course. Every single one of them was respectful, kind, had complete knowledge of anything that was asked and the response rate was unexpected. They were incredibly fast. ThaNK you so much for your graciousness, tolerance and understanding. Amazing team.
PAUL HANNA Great course, great trainers and great support staff.
GEORGE HILELLIS Greatly enjoyed the workshop atmosphere and the way the course was delivered by IIT, will definitely be back for more.
ROB MACKAY Clear well written training manual. Good interaction/discussions in class. Interesting mix of students.
MANISH KUMAR The course was very well designed. I increase my knowledge in finance broking management through this course..
RAJNISH MAHESHWARI The course material was very good and excellent trainer.
MARTIN MULDER The facilitator encouraged discussion and participation. I thoroughly enjoyed the interaction with the trainer and the other students.
ROBERT MCDONALD I have had the pleasure of improving my knowledge with the courses provided by IIT. I have found them to be very professional and their ongoing service second to none. The after care is really important with no hidden charges. They really care that you do pass but also understand the content of the course. The workshop classes are intense and push you to do your best, which is very rewarding at the end. I highly recommend IIT for any further learning.
RICHARD PRITCHARD The course was done in a manner that kept everyone engaged and allowed individual students to study at their preferred pace by utilising their past knowledge and experience.
Zengxiang Pang(Adria) Great institute to prepare brokers for in their upcoming career.
ROBERT SIE Was an enjoyable educational workshop with a helpful and knowledgeable trainer.
MANPREET SINGH Learning was a Fun experience. The trainer made it best.
Harshad Sonalkar Very good course.
SERENA SU Do it in a class setting so you can ask questions to the teacher if you have any issues you are not sure about and you can brain storm together with the rest of the course mates and ask for suggestions from the lecturer. The networking and new friendships made from a class setting is wonderful. IIT offers very high quality course and he is excellent and I am glad to do the course under his guidance and teaching. Will recommend iit to others who are considering to do any course that iit currently is offering.
Sukhbir Singh Sandhu It’s really good to be as student of IIT. I recommend everyone if they want to do the course . The best institute I recommend IIT.
Serena Rossi Overall excellent experience furthering my studies with IIT. Trainers are prompt in their replies and extremely helpful. Only downfall is that I wish IIT offered more courses :).
SAJEEV THIRU I really enjoyed the intensity of learning through IIT, it encourages and motivates you to learn.
ANITHA VARGHESE It was an excellent time I have passed through this 2 yrs with IIT. I have achieved something which I could use as a living now. Very grateful for the system, support and materials.
STEPHEN VERGHESE Well organised, concise and knowledgeable.