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Margin Lending

PRASAD ACHARYA Very informative, clear and concise study materials.
PAMElA ANDERSON I found IIT module setup very easy to understand. This is the first time I have enrolled in IIT and compared to the other providers I have used in the past I found the course material one hundred times easier to understand and feel I learnt a great deal more. I really liked the personal instructor of the phone assessment. I will be back.
PAUL BLAKE Overall the course was really well run and organised. Although there was a huge amount of content to get through, the facilitator Antony made sure we progressed through the topics in a timely manner.
GANDANDEEP BUMRAH Trainers are very helpful. Overall staff is very helpful. For every question I asked, I received very good explanation and help which made my studies more interesting and enjoyable.
RADHAKRISHNAN CHETTY Well presented course. Excellent support.
BEN FITCH I found the facilitators very approachable and helpful.
JACQUELINE HANNAN As a mother of 3 and business owner, it is not always easy to find the time for study. IIT are extremely flexible and their teaching style really suits me. I have trained through other organisations and IIT is definitely my training institution of choice.
MARK HOLTON I would highly recommend this course to my fellow accountants and advisors. The practical material and realistic case studies really assist the learning process.
PETER KENNEDY/strong> The course is well balanced and targeted to the right amount of information for a market practitioner. Time is not wasted on details or unnecessary information. A good balance between practical examples and theory.
VIKAS MADAAN It was a good experience and I learnt a lot. Course was developed in a way that i was easily able to cope up with my full time job which is great!!
JOANNE ROBERTS This course enabled me to gain a good understanding of Margin Loans. The Role Play allowed me to demonstrate my knowledge and the ability to be able to converse the concept with a future client.
MICHAEL RODRIGUES This is why I highly recommend IIT: value for money, course material is current and very well presented; and fabulous staff/customer support and the questions were tough and fair. I am very grateful for the training and am very much looking forward to further courses.
SCOTT TAYLOR A fantastic experience, great content, great materials, and a great variety to demonstrate thew knowledge learnt. The only limitations are my own time – and IIT helped me get around that and allowed me to extend the course accordingly. An interesting insight deep into the subject – so you can appreciate the Knowledge from a whole new perspective. Very interesting read with great case studies to relate to.
MARGARET WATTS Flexibility with time and place of learning (distance).Good materials, with a good case study. IIT’s course made it easy and enjoyable for me to refresh my skillset and pick up new information in a practical and interesting way.

Foreign Exchange

RADHAKRISHNAN CHETTY I found the course material appropriate and assistance from the Distance Team to be outstanding.
KRISTIAN FOXON I enjoyed the stimulated training environment that encouraged interaction and sharing of ideas.
MARK HOLTON Excellent course complimented with practical workbook and examples. Would highly recommend.
ALEXANDER KING Very happy with staff flexibility and feedback.
MARK SAIN I found the course easy to complete via distance education. The facilitator is a fantastic instructor, who goes above and beyond to help out all his students.

SUE HOWEI have completed all my financial planning, finance and mortgage broking papers with IIT. I have found all staff and teachers to be knowledgeable, helpful and to go out of their way to meet your needs. I strongly recommend completing your further education with IIT.

Self Managed Superannuation Funds // DISTANCE

MARYBETH BANKS Personally I find doing my study with IIT very informative and get a lot out of it that can be used in my day to day business. Not only does the education cover the Rules and Regulations, but also around the ethics of the Financial Services industry. I’m very happy to have just finished my 3rd certificate through IIT and keen to get started on the next path.
LAWRENCE CAUCHI I have no problem recommending anyone to any of IIT courses. I found Antony to be one of the best facilitatorS I Have ever came across. He is always willing to assist his students with clear and unambiguous communications. Antony also very well equipped with any new changes to products and legislation. Antony is a very entertaining facilitator which make life easier when you are under pressure with learning.
SUSAN CAVILL I found the material relevant and professional. The staff are always extremely helpful! Ongoing training is easier by distance education. Thanks IIT staff for making the process enjoyable.
HAE SUK CHUNG Overall, I found the study material useful. The combination and the amount of work required was more than I expected, but having completed the course, I fell more than competent with the subject matter. I would highly recommend this course.
ROGER ESTENS Networking with professionals that have worked in the financial planning, Legal, Real Estate and Accounting industries. This combined with the knowledge of the facilitators made it an exceptional learning environment.
ROCCO FAZARI Well structured and comprehensive course.
NICK FIFE I would recommend IIT to any organisation looking for a legitimate training organisation to push themselves or their staff. I have now had my self and 6 staff members completed training with IIT and see them as a partner within our business to take our staff to the next level.
NADER GARIBAN Developing of my existing knowledge about the topics being SMSF and meeting colleagues in the same industry and exchanging ideas and sharing knowledge in the classroom was great. I learned a lot from it and I thank you for it..
WARREN GARTH I found the training to be quite broad in the topics covered and as a Accountant wanting to continue in the SMSF space, I found the detail excellent. I could do the training at my own pace. The course took at least 6 months longer than anticipated due to a hail storm that destroyed our property at Bateau Bay and made life (and Training) extremely difficult. It really helped that I could take the appropriate time and extend the course as required.
MICHAEL GOOT The questions were immensely interesting and searching of my knowledge.The case study was challenging, relevant and covered comprehensively the whole subject very well. Highly recommended where you want the knowledge, not just to pass the course.
DANIEL MILLER Great way for the busy professional to get a well rounded knowledge to present confidently to peers and clients.
MARISA HOFFENBERG Practical and applicable to real situations.
Staff was very helpful. Excellent assistance by the course providers.
MORGAN HAYWARD Always a pleasure working with IIT, this was my second course!
DANIEL MILLER Great way for the busy professional to get a well rounded knowledge to present confidently to peers and clients.
TYRON MITCHELL I found the text book easy to follow and understand. The questions were very relevant to what I read and helped my learning and understanding of the subject. Everyone was very helpful along the way.
PETER NAWN Great Training Experience with IIT as always.
PAUL TAY Many thanks to all at IIT Distance Learning Team for all the help and the facilitator for the Role Play – it has been an educational experience.

Self Managed Superannuation Funds // WORKSHOP

JAMES BEVIS In workshop training conducted with like minded professionals, who were there to learn and discuss issues.
CHELSEA BLIGHT The workshop is a time efficient way to re-fresh and educate yourself about SMSF’s. John, the trainer is so knowledgable and makes the course all the worth while.
APURV BHALLA As always learning at the IIT is both knowledgeable and satisfying. Materials and teaching styles are both very current and relevant to the subjects taught. I highly recommend IIT for their courses.
JIANCQI CHEN Thanks very much for all help from the IIT team! Highly recommended!
ANASTASIOS FRAGOGIANIS Great learning experience.
JACQUELINE HANNAN Flexibility to work remotely and at my own pace. Juggling work and family this was very important. Really like that it is a combination of theory plus practical skills assessment. I already use the theories in day to day work so I found the assessment pieces to be in line with practical life like examples. I would like to thank IIT being wonderful. This is the second course that I have completed with IIT and it has been a great experience once again. I was not able to complete my course by the set date due to work and family commitments, and they were very understanding in offering me additional time to complete.
ALISON JACKA The SMSF workshop was informative and covered all relevant details which can be used directly in the industry. Excellent course.
SIMON JONES As an experienced accountant this module proved an excellent refresher. The facilitator was informative, provided feedback, entertained and marked material very promptly.
TIMOTHY KONZ Thoroughly Informative and engaging, Dr Antony was an excellent presenter that made it both an interesting and an enjoyable learning experience, i would have no hesitation in referring peers to this course and have done so previously.
NATHANAEL LEE The presenter we had was excellent. His practical knowledge and experience made the course interesting and engaging.
DEBIN LI Antony is very nice and knowledgeable in the subject i am enrolled. I learnt a lot as CPA accountant.
SIEW CHING LOOI Great workshop. Learnt heaps and great support from Antony and other students. Will definitely recommend others to pursue course through workshop.
ROBERT MACKAY James knows his subject matter well and excellent interaction with other participants. Not exactly a subject to boast over glass of wine at a dinner party but with James and the other participants we were all able to make it interesting.
NEIL MARSHALL The workshop condenses the time taken to complete the course and allows for discussion with industry participants to hear real life experiences.
ROBERT MCDONALD I have found that courses provided by IIT are intense, thorough, enjoyable and challenging. The course is up-to-date with the real world. I would highly recommend IIT to others for their teaching, content and support from the administration team.
MICHAEL MOLLOY The interaction between all students in the workshop was excellent to help complete the course, including the trainer. Dr Antony Young is a class act and an excellent trainer. He made the whole learning experience a pleasure.
MICHELLE MORGAN Fantastic course with plenty of participant engagement encouraged by trainer Dr Antony Young, who was very knowledgeable on all areas of subject matter. Would definitely recommend.
RICHARD PRITCHARD The course was intense by goo in regards to time utilisation and learning objective achievements.
JAMES SA Great presenter, fast paced but very informative.
NOEL SHEPHARD As always, IIT have exceeded my expectations with respect to quality of the materials, robust discussion and motivational mentoring environment being created. Thank you.
LINDA SODERLUND Thank you for the learning experience, I look forward to myself and my staff doing more studies with the Institute.
JOSEPH STAUB The trainer James made the course both interesting and informative.
BELLA NGUYEN-TAI Very satisfied with what I gOt from the course.
MICHELLE TARANZA Great training experience with great professors!
STEPHEN VOLPATO Good hands on, very practical learning. Great facilitation.
LILY YOUNG I enjoyed Antony’s class very much. He is very experienced teacher and very helpful in the class.
I have learned what I expected.