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Advanced Diploma of Financial Planning FNS60415 – Testimonials

FNS60415 Advanced Diploma of Financial Planning // DISTANCE

JOADIE ABI-KATTAR Great to study in comfort of own home. The phone support is great and help you right away. Loved studying through International Institute of Technology – as books were easy to understand and straight forward. Recommended to other peers.
PRASAD ACHARYA Very good institute for Financial Service related courses.
SHAUN AKROYD A big hoots to IIT. I highly recommend them for your education or training. The staff have always been so helpful, the trainers have a wealth of knowledge that they teach in an easy to understand language and it’s been an awesome time studying with them.
JENNIFER CAMPBELL This course was fantastic for what I needed with flexibility, affordability and the qualifications I was after. A flexibility of learning styles helps and information retention definitely happens through repetition and continual revision.
SUSAN C. CAVILL I found the facilitator extremely encouraging helpful and informative. I found the subject material was professionally written and easy to understand. I will benefit most from the quality of current knowledge obtained from this advanced diploma.
ANDREW CROSSLEY I valued the flexibility of this course provided to me. The willingness to grant me extra time and was appreciated. It has been a pleasure and I would recommend ITT to anyone.
LUKE DALZIEL-DON The best aspects of the course were flexibility and peer learning. I developed a good relationship with the trainer and other students. Great experience as always with IIT. Will continue my education path with them in future!
MARK FINLAY I would strongly recommend a person who is undertaking this course seriously consider being apart of the lectures and group sessions for it provides a much stronger learning experience.
SEAN FORREST This is now the second course I have taken with IIT, I have really enjoyed it once again, and will be coming back in the future to study further aspects of financial services.
TANVEER KHAN The course was one of the most comprehensive i have done. I will recommend to all of my colleagues. Thanks IIT.
TIMOTHY KONZ The whole workshop environment was excellent, James was always approachable for questions and always took the time to explain anything that i needed further clarification on. His knowledge and expertise of the subject matter assisted me in understanding areas that I had previously struggled with. I have just completed the Advanced Diploma of Financial Planning and also completed the Diploma of Financial Planning and SMSF Specialist Adviser course, all with IIT. I highly recommend them to prospective students. James was excellent. Engaging and interesting, always had time to clarify something I was struggling with and made the whole experience fun, which is what learning should be. Awesome work IIT – Thank you! Tim Konz
ALAN GEORF MARSH Thank you for the opportunity to upgrade my professional qualifications in such a flexible way to fit in with my otherwise busy work schedule. It wouldn’t have happened otherwise.
DAMIEN MIFSUD I have been sending all my staff to IIT. I have some more staff with me at the moment who need to enrol in your courses in 2017. This is a testament to your business that you get repeat business. I have been very happy with IIT – our business has been using IIT for many years now and all staff do all training through IIT.
SCOTT McCONNELL Once again I found the staff and learn criteria excellent and relevant to help with my day-to-day operations of my business. Thanks IIT once again.
DIANE MORLEY Excellent Institution to study with. They provide tremendous support.
MICHAEL OSBORNE I’ve studied with other Financial Planning RTO’s & have found IIT more balanced, easier to work with & greater overall value.
PHILIP PENKLIS I found the course material was very well structured with practical examples that related back to the study material in an easy to follow way. I also found the staff at the college very helpful and prompt at getting back to me.
MICHAEL ROUDRIGUES Excellent material, excellent trainers. Highly recommend IIT to any busy professional.
TROY SCOTT Thank you – completing the Advanced Diploma while being busy at work was made easier by the flexibility IIT staff showed. A huge thank you to the head facilitator for his practical understanding when completing the modules. I would absolutely recommend IIT over any other provider I have dealt with. Thanks.
NOEL SHEPHARD The team at IIT are a credit to the industry and I highly recommend this course to you if you want to challenge yourself and exceed the current industry minimum standards.
MARK TISDELL I enjoy the courses, a good mix of theory and practical.
ANTHONY TRIANTFYLLOU Thank you for the assistance with the Advance Diploma of Financial Planning, it was great to be able to do a course that focused on more real life situations which could be put into practice rather than sit an exam and not be able to put your knowledge and the material just learnt into practice.
PETER TRIBOLET I have really enjoyed the material and this module. The skills and knowledge acquired helped me to further my career and challenge myself. The flexibility of distance learning ensured that my studies did not impede on my social, family and vocational life. Challenging and rewarding, thank you IIT.
WAJIRA WIJESOORIYA Awesome, the best place to study, assistance extended is beyond expectations….Thank You So Much
HANDRE VLOK All the staff was great help in the Diploma and Advanced Diploma. If I asked about something, the turnaround time was within 24 hours or even faster. I would definitely recommend IIT to my fellow colleagues.

FNS60415 Advanced Diploma of Financial Planning // WORKSHOP

MISHEL BLECHER The facilitator was very good at explaining the difficult aspect of the course and the workshop was central and easy to get too. The structure of the course is very good, the workshops are fantastic way of learning and understanding the material of the course, facilitator was fantastic, he was patient, clear and timely. This is the 3rd course i have done through IIT and highly recommend using them to anyone that’s looking at increasing their education.
LEAH BROWNE Face to Face Training & learning was great – being able to ask questions and discuss. All of high quality and fantastic. Fantastic course, highly recommend!
DAVID BYE Training provided good insight in an easy to understand environment.
PETER CHUN The new found understanding and knowledge of the content and the practical applications the course provided were the best aspects. Antony has been an amazing support column throughout my studies, providing practical applications that have helped change the service offerings and practice management within my business. I look forward to working with him again as we move towards a degree based qualification requirement.
MARK COOPER IIT provides a great opportunity to excel your knowledge and skills in your chosen field via a solid well rounded program.
ANDRE COX Great structure, good content, excellent delivery and knowledge basis of the lecturer.
ROHITH DSOUZA It was awesome working with the facilitator throughout the course. He has been a wonderful Mentor and great support throughout the workshops. Also a big thank you to Ann from the education team for the prompt reply to all my concerns. Wonderful team and Keep up the good work!!! Look forward to doing more courses with IIT.
ASIF GHAFOOR After doing the taxation planning course I became more knowledgeable and was able to set up my own company. I did this because I count how valuable this strategy could be. By doing this course I gained a wealth of knowledge that even my accountant, solicitor and centrelink were unaware of.
STEVEN GOGGIN Good training with experienced instructors, far better doing qualification based CPD than listening to industry seminar waffle. Practical based, instructors experienced in the industry.
SIMON HARRISON The workshop was extremely helpful, together with the very quick feedback provided on submissions. Ann and staff were fantastic from start to finish. It is very easy to interact with IIT, and I enjoyed my learning experience. Highly recommend!
ROBYN JON Thank you for your support through this journey. I appreciate the time Dr Young made to guide me through the course and support me. I look forward to using my skills to assist others.
JOHN KEYS The Workshop was great, really supportive and allowed me to bounce my ideas off others in the room.
DIETER KILIMANN The facilitator was very interesting and knowledgeable. There is so much to learn within this field. The course is packed with much information.
RYAN KING IIT are great and would strongly recommend the practical knowledge learnt is second to none. The knowledge learnt from the trainer.
RICHARD KWIECINSKI I found the course to be most enjoyable with a good balance between being challenged, learning and having fun.
ANTHONY LAWSON It was great to have multiple professionals available when questions arise, providing relevant and clear explanations. The facilitator is an encyclopedia on Financial Planning. Thank you for your perseverance and assistance.
BYRON LITTLEWOOD A course well-structured for the necessary learning outcomes for financial planners. The role play is an excellent way of making students ‘think on their feet’, because in the real world you have to.
DEBORAH LYKLES The course was relevant, up to date and delivered by experts in their field with humour and a relaxed manner.I would highly recommend IIT. BEST ASPECTS: The interaction at workshops with other students and the trainers. As both Trainers were experienced in this field, I found it very valuable listening to them and being able to ask direct questions.
ROBERT MACKAY The ADFP completes my 6th course with your organisation. All of these courses have been of a high professional standard. The seminar style learning environment has been engaging, enjoyable and interactive.
JOHANN MAREE The workbook and course structure allow you to up-skill yourself in financial planning. It is critical that students do the preparatory work for the workshops, if that is done the course will be far more meaningful and most importantly they will finish the work pieces and be very satisfied with the outcome. Great program where effort meets reward!
SHIRLEY MORCILLA The role plays conducted by the more experienced professionals in the class gave me a broader insight and understanding of comprehensive Financial Planning. It was a great method to wrap up all the knowledge and theories we learnt from the course.
JARED PEACH The training was delivered in an easy to understand way and every individual in the class was included in the learning process.
LOREN PRATAMA The workshops are amazingly interesting and very valuable. An experience that I will never get elsewhere. The facilitators are very insightful and helpful. They make learning the FP concepts fun and easy to understand. The real life examples make it easier for me to grasp the concepts behind the theories. Thank you very much. I really enjoyed the last two weeks learning with IIT
RICHARD PRITCHARD I flew down from Queensland and had a really good week. Very busy course, very full but I have undoubtably saved a great deal of time by doing the workshop in Melbourne. I found the course to be highly engaging and very focused on the timely completion of the module to a high standard.
MICHAEL RAWLINGS The trainer was a very personable facilitator. He encouraged excellent class participation and discussion which I found extremely beneficial.
MICHELLE RAYNER The best aspect for me was the ability to do this course in a way that works for me and fits into my lifestyle. I chose to do the bulk of the course through the face to face workshops. Most of the assessments were done during the 2 weeks the sessions were held, and then I was able to just finish off the rest of the assessments at home. Found this a really practical way for me to get this course done, and met some lovely people in the workshops.
LINDA SHARPE I was initially feeling overwhelmed by the thought of doing all four modules in the Advanced Diploma in one hit, however in the first five minutes the facilitator was able to put me at ease. His patience, knowledge and ability to create rapport with each student really brought the group together. The facilitator empowered us to not only get a handle on the modules we were studying, but also to work as a team and support each other’s learning journey. I will continue to recommend this course.
TRACEY SHELLEY The facilitator is fantastic! Very patient and approachable in his delivery method. Being able to complete the course via the workshop delivery method made juggling full-time work and study manageable. The material although easy to read is understood clearly by having a facilitator who keeps you engaged and clarifies any complex areas. This means you can take what you learn and implement it to real life case.
REGINALD SHERIDAN The supported learning outcome facilitated by IIT has encouraged both myself and others within the group to continue further education. It was a challenging and rewarding experience that can only improve the financial services industry and the people that deliver.
DAVID STOGDALE IIT provides high quality learning and qualifications. I am pleased to have completed my Advanced Diploma in Financial Planning with IIT.
SAJIV THIRU The workshop was fantastic, the facilitator was knowledgeable and great at explaining certain enquiries. He also mentors everyone really well. I found the facilitator to be incredible and would recommend him for any facilitating mentoring programs.
PATRICIA WOLDHUIS I think that it was such a lovely experience with all of the staff knowing your name , meeting my need for support and sharing in the happinesses of your success. I love this educational facility.
I loved every moment of this challenge and looking forward to doing the rest of my training with you