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FAQs – Questions Asked By Previous Students

How many attempts do I have? 
All of our qualifications are competency based courses. However, it depends on the course you are studying and the area you need to re-attempt. For True & False and Multiple Choice Questions you have unlimited attempts until deemed competent in the area. This applies for Short Answer Questions also ie; you may resubmit short answer areas as many times as required until you meet competency. However with the Role plays or Oral Quizzes, while we don’t offer unlimited attempts, your assessor will provide relevant feedback so you can have the best support to achieve competency and they may request these are completed with them over the phone or Zoom if you are not progressing or comprehending the feedback after resubmitting more than twice. No additional charges are incurred.

Can I finish earlier than the timeframe? 
Yes you can, as all of our courses are self paced. The course timeframe stated at the time of enrolment is the maximum amount of time you have to finish the course, but you can complete it at any point before that expiry date. If you are unable to complete the course within the timeframe you need to contact us prior to your expiry date and we can offer you extension options of up to 6 months extra. There is a small fee to extend usually, however, each case is based on it’s own merit and at the discretion of IIT as to whether charges apply or not.

Can I pay in instalments? 
For most of our courses instalments are available. This information will be in the information pack we emailed to prospective students. For special deals where the course fees fall under $300, instalments will not usually be available. Please contact our friendly enrolment’s officer, who will speak to you about the payment plan options available for each course. You can email them at or call 1300 88 33 46 for more information. 

How do I get support if I need clarity on a question or assessment task? 
At IIT we want to walk with you during your study journey. For that reason, we have a Distance Education Team available to help clarify and answer any questions that may arise during your time with us. You can email your queries to and our friendly staff will get back to you with support information and if necessary will arrange for the assessor to make a time to contact you. In most cases an email from students requesting support or clarity on an assessment task will be responded to within an hour usually and if the student is still unclear on what is required a phone call may follow from the assessor or support staff to assist students further. In the first instance student’s are requested to email their questions to the dised email.

How can I pay my course fees? 
You can pay with Credit Card, PayPal or via Bank Transfer. You can find our banking details on our website at or at the time of enrolment these details are located in the information email or enrolment form payment section.

Can I get a discount if I enrol with another person? 
Depending on the course fees and current fees being charged, some courses are already heavily discounted so it may not be possible to seek further discount but please email our team to find out if further discount is available. Please note; if a further discount is offered, all enrolment forms from both or more parties must be sent in at the same time.

How can I enrol into a course with IIT? 
The first step to enrol with IIT is to contact our friendly Education staff via email at, or via telephone at 1300 88 33 46. They will provide you with more information about the course you are interested in enrolling into and they will send you the appropriate enrolment forms and give you clarification about any pre enrolment or course details you need to be aware of.

What are the benefits of studying with IIT? 
IIT have been operating since 2003 and we have developed a broad range of continuous improvement measures to assist students in the most supported way as they study online. For many of our courses we include Recorded lectures or Audio recordings with a breakdown of the learner material as well as PowerPoint presentations for many of the courses and easy to use resources with unlimited attempts for most assessment tasks. IIT has have a very supportive Dised Team who can answer your queries as you study. You are not doing this course alone. We get back to students efficiently with any queries about submission or assessment related queries. We also have a maximum 7 day turn around for marking and a priority marking option which allows you to receive your results within 1-3 business days instead of 7. IIT are updating and improving learner manuals and assessment tasks on a regular basis.

Can I enrol into your courses if I live overseas? 
Yes you can enrol anywhere in the world. The course fees are the same but if paying via PayPal or Bank transfer you must convert to AUD currency so that the fees received are accurate. If your course requires a Roleplay or oral assessment you are able to complete this with the assessor over zoom. If you are completing an examination, additional fees are charged for the postage of international hard copies of exams and return postage.

When do courses start? 
At anytime. There are no official intakes every semester. You can start whenever you want and work at your own pace, within the course timeframe. Specific sales rates expire so you need to take note of the fees documented on any marketing information you may have received so that you don’t miss out on any sales currently being offered. Once students complete the enrolment forms and make payment, we can then enrol them the same day if it is prior to 5pm AEST.

Can I apply for RPL or Credit Transfer? 
If you believe you have completed a similar course or qualification that meets the same units of competency or subjects, you can email our email with your transcript so that we can check the units or subjects you have completed to see if you are eligible for any credit transfer or RPL.

Once enrolled, is there a forum available to connect or share information/questions with other IIT students? 
We do not have a student Forum through our e-learning platform because historically some students have shared answers, assessment tasks and quiz answers. This is because the platform is available to students whilst they complete their full course, which gives them access to previously completed areas and increases the risk for sharing with colleagues or friends etc once they’ve passed their areas. However, our dised team are very supportive and happy to assist students with any queries and further breakdown on tasks. Some courses also have a FAQ section in their portal with the most frequently asked questions from students and hints, examples and further clarity is given in that section of the FAQ for specific questions so that students have full support and sufficient information and clarity.

Please review the student information guide found under the “About’ tab on our website then go to “student information”. There is a two week cooling off period for all of our courses. Should you wish to withdraw after 2 weeks, you will have 10% of your course fees withheld to cover the cost of our admin team enrolling you and processing your details in our student management system. After two weeks there is a case by case judgement made by the CEO and you would need to email your reasons for withdrawing. Refunds are not guaranteed but taken under advisement and considered on a case by case situation. No refunds will be applicable after 60 days. Other options may be applicable and can be discussed with our student liaison team.