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Diploma of Financial Planning FNS50615 – Testimonials


FNS50615 Diploma of Financial Planning // BLENDED DELIVERY

VERONIKA ABDULKHAKOVA Thank you to my great supervisor! Balanced sense of humour, very competent and professional.
DUSTIN ADAMS I began this course via distance education, but found my motivation hold me back from real progress. When I transferred to workshop format, I was pleasantly surprised by the efficiency of the support staff in placing me into the next available time slot. The combination of the trainers approach and the various experience of the audience completely changed my motivation helping me to complete the Diploma and open doors within the Financial Industry (RG146 compliance). I recommend this workshop approach unconditionally!
NYREE ASHTON The program was well structured. The workshops were intense, however you are able to complete most of the assessment during them. The training I have received will assist me in providing the service that is required in public practice in the future.
GIHAN ANTHONY I was thrilled with the way the staff responded to accommodate inquiries and requests to suit student needs. I could recommend any one to take a course with IIT as the content of study material is of a high standard and the feedback and support you get is of high quality.
LISA BIRD I really enjoyed the second four days of my course. The facilitator made the second part of the course interesting, and made me realise I need to stress less.
JESSICA BIRD Being job ready is important and the main reason why I was attracted to IIT’s offering because of the depth of training available (as well as flexible study options).
As a benchmark for deciding on a RG146 provider, I looked for those with training that could be recognised for university-level accreditation— IIT was one of the few that offered that.
What eventually clinched it for me was the friendly and down to earth conversations I’d had with IIT staff before and after enrolling, as service is important to me as well as product.
Having completed the DFP now, and already pre-enrolled in the ADFP with IIT, I know I have made a sound investment and would recommend them to other students who value service and quality of training as well as increased confidence in their ability to enter the financial planning industry based on sound training.
NATHAN BOSMAN Great learning environment provided by the trainer and provided great insight into the industry in both theory and practical application.
APURV BHALLA I Would recommend IIT to other friends and peers as I am very happy with the way the course was conducted and also the value I got from the knowledge and experience of the educators.
MOHAMMED BHUIYAN IIT provided me with all the necessary information and training to be able to focus in the financial service industry.
NATHAN CAIN IIT has excellent trainers with a very broad knowledge base. I am looking forward to training through IIT again soon.
MOSHE CHAITON Great program. Professional and highly recommended.
BLAKE CHANDLER Great assistance and commitment from the team to get me my qualification – I felt supported the whole way through!
DIANNE CHANDLER It has been several years since I have studied at this level, I found the course to be informative, the trainer to be very helpful and approachable and the resources to achieve the maximum results very good.
SHAN CHANG This is a great experience to learn this course. The staff is really helpful and professional to guide me and help me through every difficulties. Thank you all!
PENG CHEN This is a very good experience, I learned a very comprehensive knowledge. And the trainers and staff are also very friendly. I would like to recommend.
TECK CHOOT Facilitator is extremely knowledgeable on the subject! Never met a trainer who willingly takes extra effort and extra personal time to support the students after classes and extreme late hours! 7-star trainer!
LAURENCE CAUCHI I will recommend IIT to anyone that wishes to obtain any industry certificates or diplomas. I was really treated well and any time I asked for any assistance it was given.
At the tender age of nearly 64 I have to say I felt great doing the course and without any stress.
I will certainly and without any hesitation I will recommend the IIT Facilitators and staff any time and to anyone.
JOSHUA CUNNINGHAM Thorough work books with detailed information. Question booklets make you think and put theories into practice.
NATASHA DAWSON It’s fantastic to have this option of workshop available getting through a Diploma, especially for full time workers.
SCOTT DORMAN I thought the trainer was brilliant in his manner of teaching. He made a difficult topic to learn manageable for learning and as a result I would not hesitate to recommend your company and him personally to anyone interested in studying in the financial industry.
BERNADETTE FRECH THE BEST ASPECTS: Prompt and practical help via email from the support team especially in clarifying some points I wasn’t sure about; flexibility with the timelines of my modules being completed; clear and concise explanations of the theory and how to apply it; able to redo or clarify certain components that were initially wrong instead of failing us outright – these aspects encouraged me to keep positive that it’s achievable to complete my diploma with hard work and the right support
DANIEL GARRETT The workshops are fantastic and especially useful for those attempting distance education as well. Recommend upgrading to the workshop to meet industry professionals and work smarter. They provide access to a network of industry professionals, an ability to bounce ideas, and learning at greater depths. Even if working at your own pace is preferred, get to the workshops first, the facilitators are invaluable. Thank you IIT and James.
KYLIE ZAMEL-GEJUBINI Very easy to use system which enabled me to study and complete the course as my own pace.
ABBY GELLATLY The facilitator was an excellent teacher, he motivated me! I also cannot express my gratitude to Ann enough for letting me extend my course. I liked the way the questions really made you understand the DFP.
JANELLE GELICAME Role Playing was the thing I liked the best. It has given the students the opportunity to grow and think critically based on the roles that they are required to portray.
Student-Instructor Relationship was another thing I like the best. When there are things that are unfamiliar or unclear, we don’t have any fear of “holding back” in raising them. No questions are stupid and all ideas are welcome. There was, indeed, a productive interaction.
EUNICE GRACE Thank you so much IIT for giving me the proper training and materials for me to be able to understand deeply what is Financial Planning is in Australia.
MEGAN GRANT IIT have been fantastic from the start. The course materials arrived via mail in good order, the training facility was excellent, the trainer was very knowledgeable then after finishing this training and then dealing with institute staff they were always so very friendly, helpful and understanding of my lack of experience in the industry and my need to get this qualification, so I can learn more about such an exciting field. Naomi has been amazing. Thank you very much.
MICHAEL GREEN I completed half of my Diploma in a workshop and the other half by Distance Education. Both facilities were excellent and provided me with a clear path to assist me in obtaining my qualification. The staff are very approachable and extremely helpful. All of my questions were answered in a prompt and concise manner. A big thank you to IIT – keep up the good work!
ANUBHAV GUPTA I must say that the facilitator was very understanding and generous. Also, the fact that I was not feeling 100% during one of the training days, he was very caring and tried his best to make me feel comfortable.
ROBERT HIGGS This was a very comprehensive and interesting course. It cover all aspects of financial planning. The course encourage participation from students. Overall it went beyond my expectations.
KEVIN HO From the start of the Diploma course the Institute and support groups are very helpful. The Trainer I met was James, he has vast knowledge relating to Financial Planning and the way he delivers the knowledge I find is great. The up-to-date information and well organized study materials and the Distance Education team was very helpful and provided good guidance.
KAREN JONAS I received credit for previous qualifications so I did not waste time covering detail I was already familiar with. Well laid out and good mix with short answer, long answer, case studies and role play.
RAYMOND JOURDAN Really enjoyed the teaching and engagement with fellow students. Discussions contributed significantly to the learning experience.
CLAIRE KATAVICH Loved the method of learning in the workshop – made it easy to learn and build new relationships within the industry.
MARIKO KAWASE Loved the workshops!
JADE KERCHEVEL Relevant to real world situations.
Delivery was fun, interactive, flexible, tailored when necessary.
Trainer is approachable, happy to work with you individually
MALCOLM KINDRED Great coaches, feedback and knowledge from the facilitators.
PARVEEN KUMAR I would like to recommend workshop study which is a blend of practical session with intense discussed theoretical material.
PAVAN KURIEN Highly experienced and approachable trainer. Very interactive environment.I shall be engaging these workshops for all my further education. The trainer James is very knowledgeable and approachable and has been instrumental in my learning. IIT have earned a client for years to come. I shall be engaging these workshops for all my future education.
YOON LAI Really enjoyed the teaching and engagement with fellow students. Discussions contributed significantly to the learning experience.
DEBIN LI Relaxed environment for study. very knowledgeable trainer.
Good for me as a CPA accountant.
TIM LARKE Thanks for the thorough training and increasing my knowledge. James was very likeable, approachable, knowledgeable and helpful!
BENEDICTA MAGNO I highly recommend the International Institute of Technology to students needing to learn and change their lives and work. The trainers are well knowledgeable on what they are teaching, to help students learn and are very supportive.
SUMEET MALHOTRA An excellent curriculum and experienced teachers made it a wonderful learning experience!!
RACHAEL MANDENO I would highly recommend IIT to undertake study via distance education
PETER MARICIC The best aspects of the training were the in depth knowledge provided by the trainers who were always eager to answer any questions and provide support to each student. These aspects helped me understand the coursework at a greater level.
PETER MAROULIS I learned how to tackle difficult scenarios with clients.
RIKKI MASON Trainers were knowledgeable and prepared to help you understand anything you were not confident with. Quite a comprehensive course to take, wasn’t easy but wasn’t expecting it to be, will look into the “Advanced Diploma” with IIT.
SAMUEL MBAKWE It has been informative training delivered by an excellent trainer. The trainer’s knowledge is second to none. Four days into the training and I must say I have learned more than I expected.
PETER MCNAMARA – Platinum Finance Working with the facilitators at the International Institute of Technology was a great experience and I highly recommend doing your study and courses with them. They are very understanding of your time and try to work with you as much as possible. Everything was done efficiently and professionally.
FRANK MERCURIO Good course, good pace, well delivered. The facilitator uses lots of examples and has a lot of experience.
ANDREW MILLER I loved the workshop style of training. Although it was intense, it was relevant and supportive.
PHILLIP MILLER Thank you to IIT for providing the ability for me to re-enter the financial planning industry. I found the learning process to be efficient, painless and effective. I would recommend IIT to anyone looking to upgrade or renew their professional skills.
KALEEMULLAH MOHAMMED I am really happy that I chose International Institute of Technology to pursue my Diploma in Financial Planning.
PHU HIEU NGUYEN Distant Learning which was made learning convenient and in times of assistance required IIT was only a call away – spoke to trainers who were willing to assist.
DEIDRE O’BRIEN I completed the Diploma of Financial Planning. I found the blended study the perfect format for learning. Both facilitators are knowledgeable and interesting trainers, making the workshops both informative and interesting. They are both very approachable and willing to assist whenever asked. I can’t recommend IIT highly enough!
JENNY OH Good in-depth exercise to prepare you for real life clients and work requirements.
FELIX O’NEILL Thank you to my fantastic teacher for his understanding and patience and for being so incredibly generous with his time, not to mention his great sense of humour. His knowledge, experience and guidance greatly enhanced my learning experience and I feel extremely fortunate to have discovered him. To find a trainer with this combination in today’s market is rare in my opinion. IIT are the best on the market and I would strongly recommend them for your education requirements.
FRANK PAPALLO Great course, intense modules made it easy to complete in a quick time frame.
JOHN PARKINSON IIT is an outstanding training organisation. From the start of the course through to the commencement, the facilitator was available for help and support. Having this communication available helped keep me motivated and to task. I will be using IIT again and if you want success, I suggest you use them to.
ROD PARRISH The workshop experience was excellent. Very happy with the outcome (and that it is done). Staff and trainers were very good and had real world experience.
MATTHEW PEAT Completing my course with IIT was unlike any course I have completed before!
DAVID RAMENT A great learning experience. The facilitator is a quality presenter who knows his materials, and more importantly, knows how to teach them.
SAMMIE ROBERTSON IIT has taught me the core components of my industry while teaching me to think outside of the box and not be afraid to challenge myself.
ASHLEY ROWAN Being a relatively young parent of 2 and beginning a new career, the distance option suited me perfectly. The team at IIT made returning to study both enjoyable and affordable. I would recommend you strongly consider IIT for your education requirements.
GAURAV SAHNI If you’d like to upskill, cross skill or simply find a more satisfying career within Financial Planning or otherwise – speak to IIT. They make complicated content simple to understand by giving real life scenarios – it doesn’t matter which walk of life you may come for. This is what I found most unique about the tutor and his team.
NADEEKA SAMARANAYAKE Was able to obtain overall knowledge on the financial planning industry and was able to understand the importance of developing the skills required as appropriate training material and assessments and feedback was provided throughout the course.
KAREN SANKEY Being able to interact with the trainer and other students in the workshops. In the online courses getting answers back in a timely manner to queries. Being able to change the learning mode. I would like to thank IIT for helping me achieve my goal and would recommend IIT to others.
FERNANDO SANTIS The Facilitators were from the industry and therefore had practical experience.
SAMUAL SAQUIN Being able to act out as a true financial planner. This means we need to consider various theories and communication styles from initial meeting down to the on going service agreement. This also enable us to think outside of the box to create viable and compliant recommendations to the practice clients.
ANURAG SHAH The training through IIT helped me up skill my knowledge. The material was thorough enough to prepare me for future career.
ALOK SHARMA IIT have been very supportive with everything and have been very accommodating towards our business.
AHMER SHEIKH The Best part of the course was the Face 2 Face classes with the trainer. He had a very good way of portraying the chapter Information in an interactive and unique learning way, that no trainer or lecturer that I have dealt with does. The whole process has been educational and enriching for me and has most certainly allowed me to progress my career in the Wealth Management Industry. The knowledge obtained and practical examples given and role play assessment, has really helped me go along way in Wealth Management Industry.
JONATHAN SHEMESH It was pleasure to have strong professional support from your team, who provide high quality feedback whenever needed. The course material was relevant, to the point, and and well organised. Thank you!.
LINDLEY SCHNIEDER The trainer is a great facilitator. He went out of his way to ensure my completion and success in the industry with an incredible amount of support and guidance after the intense 8 days but it was a great experience.
JEREMY SIM The trainer is a fantastic lecturer who has made financial planning principles easy and concise. His jovial and light hearted candour has made these two weeks really enjoyable.
JEFFREY SMITH Our trainer was amazing. He obviously has personal experience as a Financial Planner and was able to explain in detail with examples certain scenarios which made it easier to understand. He was very helpful, very encouraging & was always there to help. I give him a rating of 10/10. I honestly believe he did a sensational job. Overall, the course I have just completed was very intense, very comprehensive, worth every dollar for the course and helped me achieved my Diploma in Financial Planning which will open many doors in my future. So glad I did it… It has set me up for a very prosperous career.
LUKE SMITH I was very impressed with the compassion all staff demonstrated in my journey, completing the Diploma of Financial Planning.
Going back to intense study can be challenging but the course material, time frames and assistance made the journey pleasurable especially whilst working full time and raising a young family. It gives me a great tool for the future and I’m grateful this course will help to unlock future roles I can get access to in the financial industry. Thank you IIT.
LINDA SODERLUND Great course, looking forward to doing the next course with the Institute. The role plays in our workshops gave a real life feel to the training and a good taste of what actually happens. I would advocate for keeping this learning strategy in your programs.
KHALIL SOUSSOU The International Institute of Technology, during my study, displayed a good understanding of the student’s needs; they were helpful, flexible and kind, and has provided me with the knowledge and skills that I wanted to gain.
STEVEN STANBROOK The trainer delivered a very entertaining and attention focused course that you wanted to participate in.
DANDO SUKA I have gained a more thorough knowledge of financial planning and even though I am an experienced paraplanner, I filled in some gaps in my knowledge. Completing the DFP course was quite a challenge because I am working full-time, but the IIT staff was very considerate and helpful. I would recommend to anyone to enrol in the course and even though it may be challenging, the feeling after you have completed the course is terrific.
MICHELLE TARANZA I have learned a lot from this training. Our face to face discussion was overwhelming yet challenging. With the full support of our facilitator, he was able to deliver us our best shot up to the end of the course. The written assessments were challenging too and covered the lessons. To sum up, the whole training prepares us for real life clients. Thank you, IIT!
LOUISA TOPEROSO The open and honest environment in which we could discuss any topics with our peers. The availability of the trainer during breaks and after hours to assist with questions or help on topics we needed help with. Friendly trainers and peers to work together with.
PETER TRIBOLET I had the unique pleasure of completing a Diploma of Financial Services (Financial Planning) through IIT Education via both Workshop and Distance Education. The course materials were extremely well written, easy to understand and really enlightening. Completing the assessments by Distance Education enabled me the flexibility to continue full-time work and achieve what I wanted in my studies. The way in which my studies at IIT Education commenced was through partaking in workshops for two of the modules. To say the presenter added and contributed knowledge, experience and guidance which could otherwise be learnt through distance learning is a massive understatement. The workshops were engaging, informative, educational, interesting and fun. I cannot recommend enough my support and happiness with the experience I’ve had through IIT.
FARID ZAKI Practical and relevant study material as well as Professional and approachable presenters. Breakthrough and mind-changing experience worth the challenge.
LEISL ZIETARA The facilitator was a great teacher, he gave really good encouragement and picked up on when extra information or assistance was needed in the classes.

FNS50615 Diploma of Financial Planning // DISTANCE

PRASAD ACHARYA I found the course material very easy to understand and the tutors were always accessible for resolving any doubts. I would definitely recommend IIT to anyone who is looking for an enriching learning experience.
JOHN BAINI The trainer is extremely knowledgeable and this is reflected in course material that drives students towards high technical and ethical standards. It was a pleasure to complete my Diploma of Financial Planning with IIT.
DON BOURNE I set myself a time limit of 2 months to achieve the entire module and chapters within the modules. Credit must go to the staff for marking the assessments in good time so I could go onto the next module. The role plays were a little intimidating at first but once one knew what was required it was not too bad. At 64 years of age it proves anything is possible.
JENNIFER CAMPBELL When I began this course, I didn’t have high hopes of maintaining focus to study distant education, I not only did it, I did it as a full time mum, and in half my expected time. Thanks IIT, your assessors are encouraging and kind. I was nervous at having to study again and now i’m relieved and signing up for more!
EVAN CHAN The course consultant and the facilitator gave me very good advice about the course syllabus and requirements as well as what to look out for in identifying that the course is recognised by ASIC as satisfying the RG146 industry standards. This is critical especially for a non-Australian resident as I do not wish to study for something that is not recognised. The staff at IIT are also very knowledgeable, experienced and very prompt in answering my queries in relation to the coursework. My only regret is that I was not able to find the time to attend IIT’s workshops and experience more interactive training.
TAWANDA CHATORA Thank you very much for all your assistance through my job search. I have managed to get my foot in the door through a job as a Fund Administrator. I will definitely be in touch soon when I decide to start the Advanced Diploma. Thanks again.
IRIS CHEN IIT is a good training organisation that provided updated information of Financial Services Industry. I gained a lot of knowledge from the materials that provided. The trainer is awesome and provided feedback and support when you need help.
THOMAS COULSTOCK IIT are a practical training organisation that has a great “how can we help” attitude’.
LEE CRAWFORD I especially found the roleplay for this module beneficial. Not only did I have an in-depth discussion with the facilitator but it was a valuable learning experience. I have found the course very informative. Whenever I have emailed the Distance Education Team I have always received prompt responses.
ADITYA DAVE IIT is definitely a very good institution. People at IIT are very honest, earnest and extremely helpful as well as knowledgable. The course is very well structured by IIT and the distance education team is just fantastic. They are always ready willing and available to help. They promptly respond to any queries and facilitate students with quick assessment feedback. The course materials are very informative and up to date. I thank IIT for all the support they have given me because of which I am successfully able to complete the course.
SANJEEV DHANKAR The best aspects of the training were:
1) Focused
2) Good and detailed case study
3) Telephone assessment at the end of the course was really good part.
DARREN DUMMETT Living far from a major city, I found the e-Learning facilities easy to use to complete the training and qualification. I would recommend IIT for people in my situation needing to update their qualifications.
ANGELICA LAI DEVERA It was indeed a great experience learning this course. I was enrolled in a blended workshop (which is face-to-face and distance education). Even if the face-to-face workshop lasted only for two weeks, I really had fun and I learned a lot. The facilitator never failed to support us in our journey to becoming a Financial Planner in any way possible. I must say that he really has a lot of experience and knowledge on the different aspects of the course. I also find it sensible and realistic when he would give us practical examples of how financial planning really works. I was so happy and thankful that I got to study in international institute of technology.
ALLAN GILLBANKS I had the ability to complete the studies in a reasonable time, and the information and expectations were clear in each chapter. I called if I needed help and the resolutions were quick and simple.
JAMES HALLIGAN The training materials were very useful and will continue to be useful throughout my career. The roleplays gave me a good foundation for meeting with clients.
JOSHUA HANCHETT The distance education course was efficient and the support staff and role play assessor were always friendly, helpful and professional.
DENNIS HIPKISS I have found that the first two modules I have studied have been greatly educational for me. I have worked thirty years in the UK Financial Services Industry, but I have learnt so many new things from this course that it has quite amazed me.
JOSEPH HO Staff at IIT were friendly, supportive and prompt with my queries. The interview is a great method of assessment! Would recommend to everyone.
MARCUS HOU The materials were developed well, easy to comprehend and very relevant to today’s market. The examples were helpful in clarifying the theory into practice. The assessment was well structured to test the appropriate areas of key theories. The staff are helpful and prompt at responding to queries and resolving any doubts.
ALEKSANDAR ILIC Distance Education at IIT allowed me flexibility to study at my own pace, to do my work commitments and lifestyle. They were really professional and supportive in regards to any queries I had and also on the assessment booking times, as I lived overseas in a different time zone.
KATE INGHAM This course is an excellent overview. I particularly found the insight into investment/tax/super/insurance interconnect of real value. Thanks for making it so accessible outline.
DIONNE JAMES I have just completed the entire Diploma of Financial Planning by Distance Education. I have found the staff to be more than helpful and the structure of the course was perfect for my circumstances. I have two young children at home so the Distance Education worked well. I would highly recommend IIT to anyone considering undertaking the Diploma in Financial Planning.
SHAWN JONES I would recommend IIT. The information, assistance and knowledge I have received, and will keep for future, was excellent.
ANNA I want to thank the trainers for their encouragement and for always being there at every stage of the course. It was nice to know they were always a phone call away when I needed assistance. I found the course structure easy to follow and thoroughly enjoyable. Thank you very much!
OWEN KEMP Presenting the Role play; Correspondence with IIT was the best;Completing the written work and submitting it online.
NATHAN KIRKWOOD I would highly recommend the services of Distance Education in particular the classroom study. The course facilitators are a wealth of knowledge and go above and beyond to assist in the understanding of the course.
MELISSA LAGERWEY I enjoyed completing the course at my own pace because it meant I had a thorough understanding of what I needed to learn.
ANTHONY LE I am extremely impressed with the level of efficiency in the delivery, administration and response times of the organisation. The level of customer service and assistance offered by every single staff member has been of the absolute highest standard. I would like to thank IIT for their assistance in my unusual requests and will be forever appreciative. It has been a long time since I have dealt with such a great service organisation and will not hesitate to sing your praises.
SIYABONGA LEBESE I thoroughly enjoyed the learning experience with IIT, and I would enroll for the advance diploma in a heart beat.
ADELINA LINEHAN The flexibility that distance learning afforded was helpful, and when guidance was needed I received responses via email promptly.
KATHI GABRIELLE LLOYD The service was exceptional, the staff were fabulous, friendly and efficient. I would highly recommend this RTO to anyone looking to complete a DFP.
CONLIAS MANCUVENI In retrospect, it was the case studies I enjoyed the most, as they brought all learning points together. Also the role play made the learning very realistic and this helped me to discover areas where I needed to polish my understanding.
ALAN MARCHINGO I thoroughly enjoyed my studies, i appreciated how understanding your organisation and the assessors were of my situation. Everyone dealt with was professional and compassionate.
JOHANN MAREE The team at IIT were helpful and accommodating. The quality of the workbooks and ongoing support really surprised me. Make no mistake this course pushes one to do additional research and increase knowledge. The roleplay assessments really helped crystallise ideas about client facing interaction. I commend the IIT DFP to those looking for a quality program.
LJILJANA MIHAILOVIC The course prepared me to work with clients. It included all aspects of client-adviser relationship including the body language, clear and concise communication along with the tools for providing advice to bring the client in a better position. The course helped me to grasp all the tasks that an adviser has to run in the background in order to present their advice to the client in a way that they understand it and to provide advice in a compliant way i.e. do sufficient research and take into account all strategies that might be appropriate for the client’s specific situation. As I live in Serbia, there is a huge time difference. I always asked if I could book my oral exams in the afternoon (Melbourne time) so that this would be early in the morning here and not the middle of the night. The distance education team was always very understanding and they would allow me to have exams at that time. I really appreciate that.
QAMAR MIRZA I would like to thank you all team of IIT. Specially office staff and facilitator for being so helpful in all my needs and supported me in all situations during finishing my DFP and SMSF. I would definitely will recommend all family and friends and colleagues. Thank you very much.
MOHAMMED MURSHID Really happy with the quality of education. The trainer was really good.
ROHAN NAIK The overall process of assessment in the distance education was excellent. The assessment team were real helpful and they replied very swiftly. Overall a very good learning experience.
KEVIN O”CONNELL I’m enjoying the challenge and find the course interesting. The distance education team are very helpful and I have had no concern with understanding the requirements and expectations to complete each unit.
RACHEL OOI Thank you, FPP was a solid introduction and step by step representation of the financial planning process, as a paraplanner this was clear and concise review of the industry and the process. All content was relevant and full of examples.
RICHARD ONG Highly recommended course for its practical and structured learning. Thank you.
LJUBICA PAJEVIC It has been a great pleasure upgrading my knowledge with IIT. Despite the fact that I live overseas and the time difference involved, I’ve had great communication with the Team that was very helpful in completing the course. Distance education allowed me to complete this course while being a full time employee and a full time mum.
REMO PIETROPAOLO I am really enjoying my studies via Distance through IIT. The course materials are very comprehensive and easy to understand. The staff are friendly and the facilitators conducting the role plays are excellent. I am recommending IIT to everyone interested in Financial Planning.
RICHARD PRITCHARD I found the coursework to be practical and enjoyable. The course was direct and applicable to the industry 100%.
ADNAN RAHMAN Very happy with IIT distance education, thank you for your support and promptness with marking.
BEN SALISBURY Very valuable educational experience. Gained valuable skills, knowledge and qualification. Doing it by Distance Education with IIT allowed me to achieve something I couldn’t have done otherwise without the flexibility and given me a stepping stone in life that otherwise wouldn’t be able.
DIVYA GURURAJAN SUMANGALA The course booklet and the assessments were planned in such a way that they prepare you for facing a real situation in your career.
MANISH SHARMA The course guide and books are well written. They are very easy to understand and well researched in today’s complex and fluctuating economic environment. The staff are also very friendly and welcoming when approached for any course related enquiry. I found this course very educational for my personal and professional use. I recommend this course to anyone who is interested in financial markets and/or education.
SUE STEYN To study part time is daunting and to do it from a different continent is even more of a challenge, especially considering a nine hour time difference. I cannot believe my good fortune in choosing International Institute of Technology as my education provider as this has made all the difference. I have received incredible support from everyone at IIT. Every interaction I had with IIT was a pleasure, from the efficiency and response of feedback on assignments to assistance with questions I had. I found the manuals comprehensive and set out in an easily understandable way. Thanks to everyone at IIT who contributed to making my student experience such a pleasurable and successful one.
VASILI SURMIN An excellent course, engaging and professionally delivered. I really enjoyed studying the Diploma of Financial Planning; and I think that it will prepare anyone for a career in the financial industry. The course gave me alot of opportunities to learn and develop. I’m looking to studying further with International Institute of Technology and would recommend this private education provider to any professional.
AMANDA TAYLOR Simple straight forward materials and helpful staff. Appreciated the flexible delivery.
SEAN TAYLOR Very easy to deal with and responsive to any questions in a timely manner.
JULIUS TEO The course was conducted in a professional and effective manner. The course materials are clear and concise. Support is excellent as the Facilitator and his team are always on hand to answer queries over the phone. Role plays are realistic and prepare students for the “real thing”. Highly recommended for anyone considering their options!
ANTHONY TRIANTRIAFYLLOU It was great to complete my course through IIT. The help and support was great and feedback on work submitted was promptly responded to. Will definitely be completing my Advanced Diploma of Financial Services though IIT. Thank you for all your help.
HAYDEN WITTS I really appreciated the flexibility of the course, as it allowed me to continue working whilst completing the course.

FNS50615 Diploma of Financial Planning // WORKSHOP

SUSAN ALECKSON I have really enjoyed this workshop. The facilitator explained everything very well. I would tell everyone I speak to that needs to do this course to get in touch with IIT.
MARK ANDERSEN The facilitator’s knowledge of the industry is very thorough, wise and reflects enormous experience. He is gifted at imparting this knowledge to myself and my fellow students. I would have no hesitation in recommending the IIT course and their various facilitators. This course will help me profoundly in my career direction as a Financial Planning holding C.A.R. with my dealer group.
ELI BEKKER I found the distance education model worked best to complete my RG146 with IIT because it let me work at my own pace whilst having the opportunity to contact trainers when I needed to ask questions on the material.
EVIE CARVALHO Very open and comfortable environment. Relevant topics and encouraged learning. Great teachers.
ANTHONY CERANTONIO Great course, good balance of theory and practical examples, distance education is flexible.
PETER CHUN If you’re looking for an intense, insightful and comprehensive introduction to Financial Planning, I can recommend this course as one that will not disappoint I learnt so much in a very short period of time and am now looking to practice in the industry.
MICHAEL CRAWFORD The course material was set out in a clear manner and the assessments were easily approachable. I completed this course in combination with a full time 50hr per week job. If you get focused it’s easy to complete. I spent lots of hours here and there but in the end achieved the result I was looking for. Thanks.
DAVID CRONIN Well thought out. Good idea formulation. Very concise. Most enjoyable.
DEAN CUMMINS Excellent course, well taught by the trainer who made the mundane interesting!
LUKE DAZIEL-DON Valuable information which will greatly benefit me in my future endeavours. Thanks.
JO DORAN The facilitator was awesome helping all the way especially with the maths calcs. I haven’t done them for years and he refreshed a dull mind. The course was well run, easy to understand. Great work!
PAUL GAFFNEY I recently had the pleasure of completing the RG 146 through the intensive hands on course run by IIT very aptly led by the Facilitator. The attention to detail and personal approach from IIT in the prior weeks to attending the course was further amplified by the Facilitator and his professional and approachable educational manner. I have completed many industry courses over my time in the financial services industry, yet the IIT RG 146 course was the first time I have been entertained, inspired, encouraged, challenged to succeed, whilst gaining exception value out of professional development. Thanks again IIT, I will be looking forward to having you add value to my staff and business again.
FRANK GRASA Great module with excellent resources provided along with a facilitator who teaches well.
BELINDA GREENE The workshop was a really comfortable and friendly environment to learn in, I was able to ask questions to an industry expert and receive industry related training techniques that are current and consistent. Workshop is a great method to learn and obtain industry qualification in a fast and timely fashion.
SAM HAMERSLEY The course is very comprehensive and fits a lot in the 8 day schedule. Quite demanding, however, as an experienced accountant I have learned a lot of valuable information, some of which I thought I already understood.
LILIANA HERMAN This course has given me a good understanding on how financial planning works, the knowledge needed to prepare ourselves on becoming a good financial planner and the facilitator has given a lot of support on becoming a good financial planner from his vast experience. IIT has also accommodated the need of every learner with different background and experience to create a positive and constructive training experience that is beneficial for all learners. It has been the best learning experience I have ever had.
CESAR HERNANDEZ The course was such a great experience. Personally I learnt a lot from different scenarios that the teacher explained and demonstrated. The environment was fun and communication between everyone was fun too. Great course. Great teacher. Amazing experience. Extremely helpful, it was such a great journey and I am so gratefully for everything I have accomplished. Very happy with the course, thank you.
TOM HURST I could not be happier with the decision to do this course. The professionalism and assistance in the workshop is outstanding. Highly recommend this course.
ALISON JACKA I am extremely happy with the course provided by IIT. It was comprehensive and covered all aspects of the industry. I would definitely recommend it to others.
HARISHSING JAGUTPAL The Diploma of Financial Planning was a very interesting course. I learnt many new things especially about the Australian Superannuation industry. The course was fruitful and very informative. The teacher was very helpful as well. He was available to help us at any time. I can conclude that I made the right decision to enrol in this Diploma.
ROBERT JONOVSKI The facilitator was fantastic at teaching, really made the studies enjoyable listening to an intelligent lectures. Also, the girls over the phone were charming, friendly and very helpful in answering any queries I had. Thank you.
RAMANATHAN KARUPPIAH Well done. I truly appreciate the flexible style of teaching.
CHRISTOPHER KELLY Great way of learning; with a great instructor, in a good environment, with students from different backgrounds bringing in their knowledge into the group.
SAM EL KOBAILI Great course. The facilitator was really helpful as well as clear, easy to understand and effective.
TIMOTHY KONZ Firstly I would just like to say how much I enjoyed the course, and I would strongly recommend to other professionals considering becoming a financial planner. The course content really covered all aspects that one would need to consider to be confident and competent in being a financial planner. The facilitator was an excellent presenter and facilitator whose presentations were clear and concise and easy to understand. I will certainly take away new skills learnt during my course and look forward to completing the Advanced Diploma next year.
ADAM KRULL Clear, concise and effective. Many thanks again to the facilitator.
AMOS KWOK In-depth and understanding of the basic framework of the financial system from all aspects. I would like to further studies in Advanced Diploma.
WAYNE ANDREW LAWES The course materials were very comprehensive and provided a great learning base for anyone entering the Financial Planning Industry. The course facilitators were extremely helpful and willing to assist with any queries. A great learning experience and a very professionally, well run course.
JANRIE LEONG IIT was very helpful. I completed my Diploma of Financial Services in April 2010. I couldn’t have completed the course without the help of IIT’s facilitator. The facilitator assigned to me was knowledgeable about my course of study as well as friendly and extremely professional. She responded to my enquiries immediately. Very impressed. Thank you.
JAMES LILLEY Excellent program, very detailed content. Excellent presentation by the facilitator.Very valuable edition to my skill set.
IAN LITTLER I found the workshop to be fun, with lots of interaction between the facilitator as well as the other people in the course. The environment was relaxed and everyone was wanting to help each other to complete the course. I would recommend the workshop method of doing the course as IIT fast-tracks completing the course and you get to meet lots of interesting people.
TRAVIS LOVE The facilitator was an excellent trainer and I highly recommend his course for anyone that wants to get into the financial planning area.
SALLY MATHIS Very comprehensive, catered for all levels of prior knowledge with ease. I felt comfortable to ask any questions. Highly recommended.
MICHAEL MCAVINEY I am an accountant and needed to complete DFP for my profession. I found the course very practical and extremely informative.
MICHAEL MCLEOD I really enjoyed the interaction with the other students and the facilitator. I would highly recommend this course to others.
ODILE MIGNOT Great way to be exposed to the industry. Great networking medium. Enjoyed the course.
MICHAEL MOLLOY What a great way to obtain my necessary Qualifications-The Trainer & Distance Education Staff were very helpful & User friendly which made the whole experience a pleasure further my Education & Studies-Thank
ALISON OLSEN The trainer was excellent. He had a very good knowledge of the topic and engaged everyone in the subject matter. His industry experience and knowledge made it far more interesting than just reading the material. Would recommend IIT if he was presenting the material.
BELINDA PACKER I thoroughly enjoyed the Diploma of Financial Planning course and it’s intensity. Even though it was challenging it was extremely rewarding. I now plan to further my education with IIT in the future.
DHRUBA KUMAR PAUDEL Excellent presentation. The facilitator had an excellent teaching method as well as being very helpful and friendly.
HOPE RAWNSLEY I would just like to say thank you to all the distance education staff at IIT. I began my course a couple of years ago and understand I have been a bit of a difficult student, requesting an extension and constantly emailing, but I want to thank each and everyone of the staff members who have responded to those many emails and always been so kind, helpful and easy to deal with. I really appreciate all the assistance and look forward to studying with you again in the future.
PAUL REBELO The International Institute of Technology is sure one professional outfit. I took on the Diploma of Financial Planning as a stepping stone to a new career path also giving myself a personal challenge. The way the course was structured and executed made it very enjoyable, also complete sense on it’s completion. I feel that i have grown and developed as a person in this field whilst building a new skill set in the process. Thanks IIT in particular to the facilitator for a wonderful experience and look forward to taking on more of your courses with a likely move into this growing industry.
STUART ROGERS The lady that took my role plays was lovely and very professional. She made the process less scary and I think she really made me remember IIT and the experience. Thank you.
JAMES SA Very intense, great presenter and easy to understand.
ERIN SANDERSON I am writing to say thank you! I completed my Dip. FS in November 2009 in Melbourne with IIT. I had recently finished my bachelors degree and wanted become a financial planner. I have just been accepted into AMP’s Horizons program for new planners and I am over the moon! Competition for places in this program is fierce and as an at-home mum who has been out of the workforce for the past 6 years I feel that my success is a credit to the focused, effective education that I received from IIT. I feel that working with the facilitator in the workshop program in particular gave me the opportunity to learn more about the industry than merely the contents of the RG146 qualification. Thank you for such a great head start.
SWARN SANDHU IIT is a great institute for professionals to gain academic qualification. The institute has excellent balance of theoretical and practical aspects of the qualification.
ANCHAL SAXENA Excellent workshop. Flexibility with teaching. Great atmosphere. Leadership shown by the Facilitator. Excellently presented. Well time managed.
INGRID SCHODDE The facilitator made a dry subject interesting from his ‘war stories’ that were not only entertaining but facilitated my learning – one of the best courses I have been on. The venue was terrific.
MUHAMMAD SEEDAT I attended the Diploma of Financial Services (Financial Planning) course at the International Institute of Technology for a period of 2 weeks in June 2009. I found the course to be very informative and yet at the same time easy to understand. The facilitator helped me understand the work by putting it into everyday life situations. I received incredible support from the staff at IIT in making new friends and keeping a great reference and referee in my facilitator. He also told me in life ‘never give up and give it your best, always persist, with everything and in the end you will reap the rewards for your efforts’. With the completion of the Diploma through IIT I gained favourable advantage and was selected to study my Master’s in Agribusiness Finance through Melbourne University. I would like to thank the IIT staff for all their help and providing the selection officers at the University of Melbourne with positive feedback on my behalf.
FRED SIASAT Coming from a non-financial background, I thought that the company of students was great to learn from. The workshop was so helpful to me as I was able to tap into a wealth of knowledge.
KISHORE SINGH The IIT course was very informative and educational.
PAUL STAFFORD I attended the course as a real estate agent to get a stronger understanding of the financial services profession. The course was presented in a very clear and concise manner with the presenter excelling in demonstrating his knowledge. Anyone involved in presenting investment opportunities of any sort would be well armed by completing this course.
TRISTAN STAITE Great! Very impressed. Thank you. I now have been an urge to spend most of income on insurance!! Very well explained, thank you.
STEVEN STANBROOK The presenter was one of the best I have been exposed to. Great presenting!
PETER TALBOT The facilitator was a very good presenter. Very personable and treated everyone with respect. Uses knowledge and experience of everyone in the group.
ABRAHAM TANG Well done, IIT! Well done to the facilitator! The world is a beautiful place with perfect help of the facilitator. Perfect!
THONG TRUONG Very helpful and supportive facilitator. Good examples. Great teaching methodology.
COLIN WILLIAMS The facilitator has excellent industry knowledge, is able to explain the material in a logical and easy to follow manner and is a first class facilitator. I will certainly recommend IIT to any of my colleagues looking to do the same course.
DANIELLE WOLFORD Excellent presentation- Relaxed and efficient environment.
HYEON JEONG YOO Facilitators are good. Their teaching skills make me feel confident as a financial planner. The role play was so helpful to me and made me feel so confident.
KYOKO YOSHIZUMI I loved the Facilitator’s Superannuation chart. It made it so much easier to understand, thank you. I very much enjoyed the second day as more practical knowledge or info was given. Real examples and experiences were useful. Role plays were really good to watch and learn. It was really good, perfect for knowing or updating in the industry. Wanted to go through some sample calculations in the class that would be useful.
MICHAEL ZADRAVEC If i had my time over I would do the whole course through the workshops. Being able to bounce off the teachers at IIT and get real world experience was awesome. The training was all practical and has given me a lot of confidence moving forward to start working as a financial planner. Being able to get real world experience from James was amazing.