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Advanced Diploma of Paraplanning FNS60920 – Testimonials

FNS60920 Advanced Diploma of Paraplanning// DISTANCE

Paul Janhenz Ytac The training was great.
DIPNAH ROSE Thank you for the opportunity to learn new things.
Camela Lumacang Thankyou for the great learning
Olivia Chan Great learning experience, you will balance life, work and study if choosing this online learning.
Aleksandra Stojmenovic I am delighted to express my satisfaction with the Advanced Diploma of Paraplanning course. The comprehensive curriculum, expert guidance, and practical assessments have provided me with invaluable knowledge and skills essential for success in the field. I am grateful for the enriching learning experience and highly recommend this course to anyone aspiring to excel in the financial services industry.
KEISHAMAINE It really made a difference in my perspective. I learned a lot about finances and insurance in Australia
HAZEL MAE I learned a lot with all the SAQs, TFQs and MCQs. Thank you so much, IIT!
JESSA MARIE This training has provided me with enough experience that I can use for my practice and even in my personal finances.Thank you!
GAIL ALYANA ANDO Thankyou for the effective and great learning experience
GENEVIEVE I learned a lot from the training. It enhances my skills that would surely help me in my role as a paraplanner.
KISSADELLE LIBANTE It was a great opportunity to be able to learn Paraplanning from you.
SHAINA KAMILAH BATAD Thankyou for the training experience
RALION KYLE NACUA The training was challenging which allowed me to develop my knowledge and skills
TAIHAI Doing research is really a helpful aspect for us, trainees. This certification is the first step for us in dealing with the operation and helps us align to our client’s needs. I’m really thankful for this opportunity.
COBBIE BRYANT YBANEZ Thankyou for the valuable training experience
ANJAY JOHN LAURENTE Thankyou for the valuable training experience
ROXANNE Everything is great as it enhances my skill and gives me development as an individual.