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IIT- Offering Government Funded Courses In Victoria!

Government funded Courses are available again in 2015 at International Institute of Technology  (IIT). Take advantage of this amazing opportunity, get a qualification while saving your money, for a house, a new car or maybe that holiday you’ve been planning for so long.

With Government Funded Courses available Victoria wide, you can obtain a qualification that will fast track your career, without straining your financial situation. Many people dream of gaining entry into the rewarding field of financial services, but are worried about the tuition costs involved in attaining a diploma. If you meet the eligibility criteria, contact us now to find out more. Talk to our experienced staff to find out about Vic Govt Funded Training Courses!

Choose IIT to reach your goals

Many students choose Government Funded Online Courses in Victoria, but at the International Institute of Technology (IIT) we also offer you face-to-face workshops that aid students in their efforts to obtain a qualification. Our teaching methods provide students with the set of specific skills and knowledge they need to advance in the financial service industry. Holding a qualification in this field is a crucial requirement to advancing in the professional market. IIT offer a great range of programs that will help you to reach your goals.

Give us a call today and find out about Government Funded Training Courses
Phone 1300 88 33 46

*If you are a company, wishing to put staff through a Federally funded qualification, call us know to find out more! Only certain qualifications are available through federal funding. You do not need to live in Victoria for the Federal funded training.

*The student tuition fees as published, are subject to change given individual circumstances at enrolment; and details of any other fees including but not limited to student services, amenities, goods or materials.

Certificate IV level- $375 $275 This week only!
Diploma Level- $475 $375 This week only!
Advanced Diploma level- $575 $475 This week only!

Combined Pricing level – ENROL IN TWO GOVERNMENT FUNDED COURSES FOR $650!  (*If enrolling in a Certificate IV Qualification and Diploma level or Diploma and Advanced Diploma level of Government funded course, this is the combined price. Limited time only) *Distance education option. For face to face pricing please call us to find out more on 1300 88 33 46

Payment of the above fee entitles the student to full access of course materials for Distance Education (online). For Face to Face Workshops, additional fees may apply. Please call to find out more. Instalments can be used to pay for our courses.

Eligibility criteria

Am I eligible for a government-subsidised training place?
In 2015 you are eligible for government-subsidised training with IIT if you are:

  • an Australian citizen (you must live in Victoria permanently. Any RTO that offers places to students who do not reside permanently in Victoria are breaking the law under the VTG contract).
  • an Australian Permanent Resident (holder of a permanent visa)
  • a New Zealand citizen

and are any of the following:

  • under 20 years of age
  • seeking to enrol in an Approved Foundation Skills List course
  • seeking to enrol in VCE or VCAL
  • seeking to enrol in an apprenticeship
  • 20 years and older and ‘upskilling’ by seeking to enrol in a course at a higher level than your existing qualification (please note, you are not eligible if you already hold the same level qualification as the one you want to enrol in, ie already hold a diploma in another field, you are not eligible).

How many courses am I eligible for?

In 2015 you are eligible to begin two government subsidised courses, as long as you are not doing any more than two government subsidised courses at a time. For example, if you are continuing a government subsidised Certificate III in Aged Care from 2014, you can start one more course in 2015 until you finish (or withdraw from) your current course, then you can start a second course in 2015.

For commencements from 12 August 2013 Foundation Skills courses count towards the two course limit. Any IIT full qualifications currently being delivered are able to be enrolled in as a government funded student. *Please note, individual modules or units are not able to be enrolled in as a government funded student, only full qualifications.


If you are seeking to enrol in an Apprenticeship (not a Traineeship) and you have already commenced two courses in 2015, you will be eligible for government subsidised training under the Victorian Training Guarantee if either of the two courses you previously commenced are included on the Higher Education and Skills Approved Pre-Apprenticeship and Pathway qualifications list:

What if I want to study and I don’t meet the eligibility criteria?

You can still study at IIT, but you may not be able to access a government-subsidised place.

b) AUSTUDY and ABSTUDY (Centrelink)

Austudy and Abstudy are financial assistance programs offered by the Federal Government. Austudy provides support for students and Australian Apprentices aged 25 or over.

You may get Austudy if you are a:

• full-time student aged 25 or over undertaking an approved course at an approved institution.Centrelink Approved Courses generally include secondary education courses, undergraduate courses, associate diplomas and some other diplomas, TAFE courses and some post-graduate courses. From 1 January 2008 certain Masters courses that are required for professional entry will also be approved, or

• full-time Australian Apprentice aged 25 or over with a current Commonwealth Registration Identification number.

You must also:

• be an Australian permanent resident
• be in Australia on the day you claim, and
• have lived in Australia for a total of two years

Please contact your nearest Centrelink or JobNetwork Member office to find out more details. Mention you wish to enrol in an IIT qualification and they will assist you further.

What is my next step?

Read the above eligibility criteria and if you are still unsure please email or call one of our friendly support team on 1300 88 33 46 to find out how to enrol or gain more information.

Disclaimer: The student tuition fees as published are subject to change given individual circumstances at enrolment; and details of any other fees including but not limited to student services, amenities, goods or materials.