Are you an Accountant who needs RG146 compliance?

Time is running out for Accountants to become RG146 compliant! IIT have a well structured pathway for Accountants who now need to gain RG146 compliance. As the exemptions rule phases out we have seen hundreds of Accountants choose our fully supported delivery mode to gain their RG146 in the most efficient and supported way. Contact us now to find out how to gain RG146 for a limited license or full AR status. Our Limited License offering in the Specialist SMSF Advisor Course for Accountants can be completed face to face in tutorial workshops in most states and online course delivery as well. Our Diploma of Financial Planning covers more RG146 specialist knowledge areas than most RTOs and our SMSF unit is accredited with the SMSF association as well as CPD from the FPA. Find out more on 1300 88 33 46 or RG146 via Diploma of Financial Planning