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Stockbroking Course

Did you know that the Specialist Investment Advisor course gives you compliance to become a Stockbroker in Australia?

You will need to complete the FPP (Financial Planning in Practice) module and  PIP (Principles of Investment Planning) module, which includes Derivatives and Securities and Managed Investments, these are RG146 Specialist knowledge areas, required for Stockbroking compliance. This course can be completed via Distance education or Blended Delivery with a four day tutorial face to face workshop. These two modules form half of our FNS50615 Diploma of Financial Planning qualification.

Distance Education

Personal Advice $900 via Distance Education for FPP and PIP, which includes General and Personal advice and the RG146 specialist knowledge areas of Derivatives, Securities and Managed Investments.

General advice only- $600! (Half of FPP covers Generic Knowledge- General Advice) and all of PIPDerivatives, Securities and Managed Investments.


Blended Delivery face to face program

$1800 for the Personal Advice  4 day Blended Delivery tutorial Workshops in most states of Australia (pre study required) or $1350 for the 3 day program for the General Advice, Specialist Investment course. GK (half of FPP) and PIP modules. The workshop program does not signify the total duration of the course. To enrol, simply complete the Specialist Investment enrolment forms and select FPP (personal advice) and PIP (ALL) and choose Distance education or Workshop option on the enrolment forms. Click the link below to find out more about this course and to enrol in the Specialist Investment Advisor course.

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