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Certificate IV In Bookkeeping FNS40215


Not sure about the difference between a balance sheet and an income statement? Don’t know what differentiates current and non-current assets? Then IITs’ Certificate IV in Bookkeeping FNS40215  is for you! This course gives you a great grounding of basic bookkeeping industry knowledge that will help you decide if Bookkeeping is truly what you want to be a part of. Learn how to use MYOB with our free student step by step program!

What separates IIT’s Certificate IV In Bookkeeping FNS40215  from other institutions that offer this certificate, is our experience in teaching it. We are nationally recognised for this course, due to our high quality instructors, who are industry professionals, and are able to give you the benefit of their years of experience practicing bookkeeping. IIT also offer the FNS40615 Certificate IV in Accounting as a Dual qualification. So you get two qualifications, without having to do any further studies! Contact us to find out our special price and offer for this Dual offer! *Our Certificate IV in Accounting or Bookkeeping each cover the BAS education requirements to meet the Tax Practitioner Board education requirements to register as a BAS agent.

Don’t miss out on your chance to get a real kick start into the world of bookkeeping. Take advantage of IIT’s amazing Bookkeeping course, by giving us a call on 1300 88 33 46 or fill out our online form – it’s really simple and this could be the first step in a long and fulfilling career! Contact us for more information.

Students who have completed this course have gone onto become Trainee Accountants, Accounts Receivable and Payable Clerks, Insurance Clerks, Payroll Clerks, General Clerical Officers and more.

These are just some of the topics you will cover in this qualification:

  • Financial Reporting and the Regulatory Environment ✅
  • Cash Flows and Statements​ ✅​
  • Management Reports ✅
  • Partnerships ✅
  • No​n Profit Organisations ✅
  • Business Taxation ✅
  • Income Tax business ✅
  • Fringe Benefits Tax​ ✅​
  • Superannuation Guarantee​ ✅​
  • Payroll taxes​ ✅​
  • Stamp duty​ ✅​
  • Land ​Asset​ ✅

The Certificate IV in Bookkeeping FNS40215 meets the educational requirements of the Tax practitioner Board for BAS Agent education and can provide a pathway into the FNS50215 Diploma of Accounting and the FNS60215 Advanced Diploma of Accounting. Contact us to find out this deal. click here to enquire now.

As a student with IIT (Cert IV in Accounting or Bookkeeping only) you are eligible to apply for student membership with ICB to provide you with industry information to prepare you for your Bookkeeping/Accounting career. Once you’ve completed your course, you can also register for ICB upgrade and have the $75 fee waived!


Our FNS40215 Certificate IV in Bookkeeping course allows you to study via the flexible, Distance education program. Course material is included in the pricing and full support is available while you study at your own pace.

*This course is eligible for Centrelink Austudy/Abstudy approval. Government funding available for $275 to eligible Vic Residents.

Course name: eLearning Education Workshop
Certificate IV in Bookkeeping  


$1399 $990 Ends soon! Dual offer with Cert IV in Accounting. $1365 for both if you pay in full.
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*Dates available in Melbourne
Introduction to the Accounting Profession Introduces the concept of accounting and its history. Provides students with an overview of how accounting is organised within Australia. Outlines Accounting Skills, Applying Principles of Professional Practice, use of technology, communication and health and safety practices within the accounting workplace/environment.
Accounting, Business and Financial Terminology & Accounting Systems Provides students with an overview of the accountant’s role, concepts, business organisations, and accounting reports such as Statement of Case Flows, Balance Sheets and Profit Statements. Students will also explore Administration of Financial Accounts, Accounting Systems and Purchases and Payment Cycles.
Introduction to Financial Accounting & Financial Analysis Provides students with an overview of Accounting Methods, Source Documents, Maintaining Financial Records, Financial Reports, Control Accounts, Monitoring Cash Control, Preparing and Processing Petty Cash Documents, Financial Ration Analysis and General Limitations of Financial Ratio Analysis.
Accrual System of Accounting Provides students with an overview of Details of Source Documents, Contra Entries, Adjusting Entries, Provisions (Allowances), Bad Debt, Managing Debt Recovery, Stock of Assets Used as Expenses, Depreciation, Charts of Accounts and Credit/Debit Card Payments.
Payroll, Small Business & GST Issues Provides students with an overview of payroll processes, using software, employee entitlements, GST Attribution, Cash Accounting Requirements, Tax Invoices, Business Activity Statement (BAS) and Introduction to the Pay As you Go (PAYG) System.


Course Overview

This course is ideal for adults of all ages seeking to enter the Accounting Industry or for those wanting to take their career to the next level in the most flexible and affordable manner.

Entry Requirements Nil. Year 12 English or equivalent is recommended.
Hardware & Software Access to a computer/laptop with internet access and either Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. Microsoft Excel 2003 or later, Microsoft Word 2003 or later. A device capable of recording video (distance students only).
Study Method: eLearning Education Distance or self-paced learning allows you to start a course when it suits you best. Moreover, it provides you with the flexibility to continue with your other commitments in life, such as work, parenthood and your social life. BEST OF ALL, it gives you access to our Distance Education Team who can discuss concepts, conduct skill-based role plays and provide feedback on any assessments submitted.
Course Duration The duration of the course will vary depending on each individual student and their prior experience and knowledge. 710 hours over a maximum of 12 months is the recommended timeframe for students new to the industry.
Assessments True / False Questions (TF), Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ), Short Answer Questions (SAQ), an Accounting Software Assessment, Case study, Role-Play and Oral Assessment. For more information on assessment process, click here
Exemptions and Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) If you have completed previous studies in the financial services area, you may be eligible for some credits towards the course by way of course exemptions. For more information on course exemptions and recognition of prior learning, click here
Qualification Pathway This course has national recognition. We recommend you progress into the FNS50215 Diploma in Accounting
Related Courses FNS50215 Diploma of Accounting

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Units of Competency

To be awarded the Certificate IV in Bookkeeping FNS40215, the following units of competency must be successfully achieved:

BSBFIA401 Prepare Financial Reports
BSBITU306 Design and Produce Business Documents
BSBWHS201 Contribute to Health and Safety of Self and Others
FNSINC401 Apply Principles of Professional Practice to Work in the Financial Services Industry
FNSACC301 Process Financial Transactions and Extract Interim Reports
FNSACC302 Administer Subsidiary Accounts and Ledgers
FNSACC402 Prepare Operational Budgets
FNSACC403 Make Decisions in a Legal Context
FNSACC404 Prepare Financial Statements for Non-Reporting Entities
FNSACC406 Set up and Operate a Computerised Accounting System
FNSBKG401 Develop and Implement Policies and Procedures Relevant to Bookkeeping Activities
FNSBKG402 Establish and Maintain a Cash Accounting System
FNSBKG403 Establish and Maintain an Accrual Accounting System
FNSBKG404 Carry Out business Activity and Instalment Activity Statement Tasks
FNSBKG405 Establish and Maintain a Payroll System

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