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Antony Young DFP Class Introduction (Video)

Why should you attend a tutorial workshop?

Face-to-face workshops create a friendly classroom environment to enable learning in a timely and structured way.  The sessions allow students to bounce ideas around‘ with other participants – not to mention the networking opportunities or achievement of corporate team goals. Facilitators are industry professionals with real world experience and teaching qualifications. They take the time to tell their war stories‘ which help explain the concepts in an exciting way. Tutorial workshops allow students to receive additional support and assistance in a classroom environment, with the use of resources such as powerpoint slides, whiteboard examples, question time and group discussions as well as networking opportunities for students.

Our senior facilitator, Dr Antony Young, facilitated a workshop recently in Brisbane, and one of our friendly students in this cohort thought it might be interesting to ask each student why they were each completing the RG146 in our FNS50615 Diploma of Financial Planning. Here’s what they had to say…